Does anyone believe the TBCC team (if there is one) is looking at BG data?

i think its funny this 15 year old game is still in… beta testing


Now show us the actual raw data not just whatever highly messaged report generated those numbers.


I think a more telling question is - after no one ever asked, why would blizzard monitor and post the open world pvp statistics?

The statistic is obviously cherry picked to lay the groundwork for a change that they’ve already all but implemented, its there to make some alliance think that this is good for them. Its a hilarious concept.

“The people who are murdering you in 2:1 death squads are temporarily not going to be murdering you as they are busy on vacation learning how to murder better, congratulations”

Where do these horde locusts go when they are no longer appeased by honor gear because they’ve gotten it all? Into the world ofcourse.

Talk about short term solutions.


If they did you would just say its a photoshop. So why bother.

I believe they did look at data.
they assigned a blizzard employee to play the last weekend test as horde. he/she won around 1/2 the bg’s ques.
decided to go out and wpvp when facing the only alliance in sight fought 4 times lost 2. that comes to a 50/50 % wpvp


Pretty sure there’s an entire thread where a blue actually said:

Seems to me they’re paying attention.

Yes, I believe the experts here with access to the data.

It makes sense that the win rates would be 50% for each side.

Brilliant alternatives suggested in numerous repetitive threads on this forum like “punish the Horde,” “buff the Alliance,” or “introduce faction transfers”?

I am glad to say no, I do not believe Blizzard ever considered doing any of those things. That doesn’t mean they’re lying when they say they have and are looking at Battleground statistical information; it just means they know an awful idea when they read one a dozen times.

That’s not how raw data works :slight_smile:

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Better than them let it sit and rot and never improve and loss their entire base.

I don’t think you understood my comment. Not surprising considering you think Blizzard’s data is wrong.

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I didn’t say it was wrong did I? I asked for the raw data that generated those numbers.

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hmm game was fine. classic was fine with no improvements (despite the outrageous amount of gold buyers) .The improving is destroying the game. a well made game. some have quit because of improvements. but i guess its ok now as long as a hand full like the changes.


Some have quit, more have not.

They are lying or they would actually post the data. Its 100% fabricated.

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Why are they being so shady…

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You probably should have your ability to make posts revoked. Getting a bit ridiculous at this point.

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Blizzard has probably built one of the biggest data driven MMOs in the industry. That is why Ion and others come out and say things are going well much to the chagrin of the people playing the game.

So i 100% believe they look at data. Thats the reason they send out those surveys. Now if you want to say do they listen to the data the players or there guts. Well now your asking questions that cant be answered. Though i would guess Blizzard would say its a mix of all three for whatever you want to believe the ratios play out…

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Some people on these forums won’t be satisfied unless they personally go over to blizz HQ and see the data for themselves. And even then, they’ll find something else to complain about.

They have the data but I have no faith they will interpret it correctly. History has shown a long series of terrible decisions by recent Blizzard regarding WoW.