Dodged a Bullet

Logged off to make dinner before buying my 291 leggos for Blood alt.

Came back to see the shattering nerf.


and all the people who had invested time into blood, including me have just been kicked in the balls, people have spent money on wow tokens to buy legos for there blood dk, and now that has just been wasted. No one here is saying blood didnt need a nerf, but the nerf that was given is way too much, revert the nerf and change the strength stats too only stack to 50 or even 40. and wow, youve nerf bloods damage but havent stepped on them so badly that people feel that there investment was wasted.


Something had to be done about the damage, but hurting the survivability was a bad move.

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… Thank goodness I don’t play Blood extensively. But damn… :frowning:

am i missing something? nerf yes, but the sky isn’t falling. also, blood leggos are also used by unholy.

That’s a 30%-40% nerf to damage and survivability as it’s exponential. I don’t know wtf you mean by blood leggos are also used by unholy.

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this is the largest nerf a spec has ever received in the middle of a tier for wow (20%+ damage, huge survivability nerf, massively changes our star priorities so our gear we have farmed/upgraded is now useless). also no UH players use a blood legendary

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i’ve been using superstrain for blood, which i also use for unholy, same with deaths certainty.

super strain and death’s certainty are general DK legendaries not blood legendaries


Superstrain was previous seasons. Blood uses the crimson leggo that buffs Dancing rune weapon and with the tier it was a super powerful combo. And it’s a pretty big nerf if you look into how bDK works this season.


You don’t use Superstrain as Unholy. You also don’t typically use Death’s Certainty as Unholy.


i use both in pvp. FM is only for arena where you need direct pressure. and death certainty can be used in arena if you want more regular throughput and dont want to rely on being centered around apoc as your go.

superstrain is used by unholy when you want the absolute max damage in a team fight, in ashran this build is as effective as carrying the AA, meaning you can let someone else take the AA, but if you combine the superstrain unholy build with the AA, nobody but nobody comes close to our damage, i press epidemic and half their team dies.

Which really has nothing to do with Blood getting nerfed in PvE. Thanks for your input, though.


i tank as blood in pve, which is why i started with:

my question was already answered, you are the one that wanted to go down the rabbit whole of what unholy does and does not use.

Technically speaking, it actually doesn’t. There, argument done?

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that was already stated, and since i use superstrain for blood tanking, it technicaly does. and since everyone else is saying the sky is falling and the DRW leggo is now worthless, why should i stop using superstrain now?

Dunno, why should you? You’re the only person remotely beginning to approach the conversation of PvP in this thread. :man_shrugging:


you are the one who came in and made absolute statements after the conversation was over.


As a recently returned player from MoP era who just hit 60, I’m glad I swapped from blood to frost. This nerf coupled with the absolute raw hatred new/returning player tanks receive in even random normal/heroic queues totally turned me off of tanking for everyone.

Thanks Blizzard! Haha