Dodge Bugfix and Algalon Tuning

We recently discovered a bug causing tanks to benefit from roughly twice the intended amount of Dodge from the Dodge Rating statistic. In order to avoid seeing raid groups skew toward maximizing for this, we’re going to fix the bug. This fix will not change your Dodge % displayed on your character sheet, as the bug was invisible to players.

At the same time, on Tuesday during scheduled weekly maintenance, we’re going to deploy a second hotfix that will reduce Algalon’s melee damage by 10% in both 10-player and 25-player difficulties. We feel that the increase in pressure on tanks and healers from the bugfix will be manageable in other encounters, but this one needs a compensatory tweak.



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Race change when?


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We recently discovered a bug…

We reported this bug over 7 months ago during the beta.


So wait, does this mean tanks will be potentially taking more damage on other fights now? Confused as to what this hotfix will actually do outside of 10% melee damage reduction on Algalon.

Yes, most tanks have had 6-12% more dodge chance than intended until now. Players who were aware of the bug and geared around it could stack much more, in the neighborhood of 25% more dodge chance than intended.

All tanks will dodge less thus taking more damage on every single fight except for Algalon.


Please don’t nerf Algalon, I want to see it how it was!

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It’s week 11, if you haven’t seen it you aren’t seeing it.


Is it even really considered a nerf? Sure 10% off every hit, but don’t think that’ll change anything.

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Killed him several weeks ago, I mean I want to see the fight how it was back in OG Wrath which no one on Classic has actually fought(and will never fight if this change happens)

According to this though, your dodge (at least for my fairly geared prot pally) is only around 1-2% (additively) higher than intended? certainly not 2x more dodge than intended.

Players were gaining the full undiminished value on top of the diminished value. So if you had 453 Dodge Rating equipped, for example, you would have had 453 / 45.25 = 10% more dodge chance than intended.

Weird. Ya, the github post basically says that the amount that your undiminished value was supposed to be REDUCED BY, was instead getting ADDED to the undimished value. This sounds a bit different. Must be new to ulduar patch then.

Understandable fix, but something I cannot understand is Blizzard ignoring Restocat buffs! Restocat hasn’t been in a good state since level 22 in the Barrens, I am hoping to see some buffs to make my favorite spec viable again.

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I’d read through the github issue again, as that was exactly what it described.

Apparently they are only just now looking at those.

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Paladins were already the best at tanking Algalon and now this puts them even higher. Paladins are the least effected by this bug change and now Algalon will do 10% less damage to them. Sweet.

The other tanks, who are already way worst than Paladins on Algalon, get hit the hardest with this bug fix.

I’m not sure what the answer is but this isn’t it. Why bring any other tank to Ulduar?