Do you still need Pathfinder (or whatever) to…

… fly in Shadowlands of BfA?

Thanks for any information.

For BFA just go to your faction’s main hub and you should get a quest that pops up telling you to report to an NPC. Your quest reward is your faction appropriate flying mount and the ability to fly.

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Thanks for the reply… so just to be clear, I can fly in BfA as soon as I get to the quest giver even if I have never stepped foot in a BfA zone, correct?

I have been waiting on the restrictions to be removed before re-subbing and going through those expansions.

The only requirement before doing the quest is the skill to fly. (Which you probably already have.) :wink:

Fantastic. Thanks for your time!

I have a bit of free time coming up soon, so I look forward to finally spending some time in BfA.

Maybe next year they can loosen up Shadowlands restrictions and I can go there too.