Do you play other games while you have an active subscription?

Not since I resubbed a few weeks ago. I tend to stick to one game at a time, whether that’s an MMO or otherwise. Was going through a bunch of console games before jumping back on WoW. Red Dead Redemption 2 was the last one.

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The cost of playing multiple games isn’t the biggest problem. The time commitment is.

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Yea it’s not the cost with me it’s the time aswell.

Playimg wow exclusively is ridiculous, theres Soooo many good games around. The world wont end if you miss a months sub and try something else…sigh… here come the ‘what other games’ wow fan bois…

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I have a sub for the forums pretty much and for when classic drops

For the .50 cents (give or take a penny) a day I pay for WoW, even if I login only once a week … I feel I’m getting more than my money’s worth out of it. Even if I really am not on board with this expansion in the slightest. It’s pretty much a pittance compared to the money I’ve been throwing at MTG arena.

So yeah, I play other games on the side … but as I said, the cost is decent enough in the fact I get my money’s worth out of it.


You got that right. It’s definitely not like it used to be. For the most part I only play stuff on the weekend.

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Do I play other games while I have an active subscription? Yes

How do I do it? Easily…

I play what I feel inspired to play each day… sometimes I’ll hop on WoW, do a couple dailies, then go play another game the rest of the day… other days I might not even get on WoW… and other days still I’ll hop on, do my dailies, then hop over to an alt I’m leveling…

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I took a 3 month ‘break’ from wow and didn’t cancel my sub. Why? 15 a month doesn’t bug me enough I guess, and I could still log in if I wanted to.

I was playing old school runescape which I also have a sub on.

I figure I get my moneys worth if it keeps me busy for a few hours each month. I could go to a movie and pay twice that much just for a 2 hour show.

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Mind games.

Of course. I’ve had an active sub since July 2005. I’d have missed over a decade of games if I didnt play other games.

There are some days where I don’t log into World of Warcraft. It’s like my Netflix subscription. It’s there if I want it, but I don’t need to devote all my time if I don’t want to.

I’ve been playing my Switch a lot and with Joker dropping today gonna be hard to balance this game.

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I used to be like that but sometimes you just need a palette cleanser. You don’t want to quit wow for a month but you need a few days to play something else. I have no problem dropping wow for a few day to play something else.

Something single player. I couldn’t imagine having multiple MMO subs at once…the thought almost gives me anxiety and I’m a VERY laid back person.

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Nah, WoW is my go to game that I play. Between work and family stuff, when I have time to play, sometimes a couple hours a day or every other day, it’s what I like to do. Sometimes I’ll go a week or two without playing and just watch tv shows or movies or do other things, but I don’t really have any other games I care about.

Between leveling alts for fun and heritage armor and doing other things in game like mount runs, pets and achievs, I’m happy enough and log in almost daily right now. I would never knock someone for the way they play, or if they don’t play and play something else, we are all different, so it would be silly to do otherwise. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I usually have a large library of steam games waiting for when I’m bored of wow (usually at the very end of each patch).

By clicking the big blue play button for StarCraft, Overwatch, etc.

Turn on my PS4/Switch/DS and play a game.

Or launch Steam and play a game.

Real simple.

I play eSo!! and FFXVIIXII 0mG! so amazing!!1!! …and hang around here and complain all day.

If I have spare time, I choose to do with it what interests me the most.

I’m paying to play a game as often as I like, I’m not paying it and considering it as paying every second, whether I’m paying for it or not.

Do you max out your IP usage, stream Netflix, Amazon Prime streaming services, text every second with unlimited texting, every single second you can since those are also “unlimited”?