Do you find balance spec fun?

Curious reception on the fun factor of balance, how is it?

Thinking of trying balance, I like specs such as shadow priest,unholy dk and windwalker monk, when speced with the extra buttons.

Meh it’s ok but I’m not a huge fan of unholy either. Its def the best druid dps. I really only play it in m+ to keep the skill up if we get into encounters where a healer needs to dps.

it’s fun because of convoke

other than that it still suffers from the removal of the old faerie swarm slow and treant roots

Why dont you people read current threads before being the 20th person to ask the same question


It doesnt answer my question in regards of whaf playstyles i enjoy and if i could get the same or similar or boomy.

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To be fair, you asked a subjectively yes or no question about fun.

You didn’t ask anything about play styles. You mention 3 fairly distinctive, and quite different from one another I might add, specs. And you didn’t mention what it was about those 3 specs you liked, so even if you would have asked, you didn’t provide any information for anyone to go off.

But that thread does cover what people like about Boomies and some of the nuances and how it operates.

Just saying :slight_smile:

To me, I find balance kind of boring. When doing boss fights or heavy hp mobs it just feels like I’m smacking with a wet noodle. Idk why but there doesn’t seem to feel like there is any weight behind the attacks. With that said, convoke single handedly increases the fun factor to 10. I just don’t find balance of all things even remotely interesting outside of convoke windows.

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I like the overall playstyle and spellbook. What I don’t like this expansion is how all of our damage is built into Starsurge, wrath and starfire feel so weak and not worth casting in pvp. In pve I don’t like this new eclipse mechanic, I much preferred legion empowering and wod eclipse. I feel SL eclipse is way too restricting.


Weird since boomy is S tier in cn and chunks damage every time we enter eclipse with BoaT

It just totally depends what you want. Outside of CD’s, balance has very strong AOE sustain, and decent single target sustain. We also take time to ramp up without CD’s, especially on AOE.

During CD’s, we have the highest burst in the game, but this combo is on a 3 minute CD.

Our single target rotation is very simple. Our AOE rotation can be quite complex to get it right. With poor play, we can get jammed in the “wrong” eclipses for extended periods.

Do you enjoy specs that reward/punish? Balance rewards good play, and can be very punishing on mistakes. If you like that, and also think you might enjoy a spec that takes time to ramp up, is reasonably complex to play properly (on AOE) and has a big a-bomb every 3mins…by all means try balance.

A lot of people don’t like how punishing the eclipse system is. We basically spend 15 seconds in the eclipse that’s optimal for single target, then 15 secs in the AOE eclipse, and that cycles and repeats forever. So i’d suggest trying it and seeing what you think. I see a ton of complaints about how people hate being jamned in solar right when there’s a big pull, etc. There’s every opportunity to not end up in that situation though, if played well.

Based on what you said you like…l think you will like balance. It’s very straight forward with no procs.

Feral. Lol

I never stopped to pay attention, is there an out of combat timer that allows this to reset so you can go back into whatever eclipse you want (not for any M+ reason, just curious what the actual timer is)

Yes, I think it’s 15 seconds out of combat. Which is almost never long enough in m+. Any decent tank will never have that long out of combat.

Not worth playing around it, just need to pre-plan how you’re going to be in the right eclipse for the next pull.

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You made balance sound very fun and respectable.

It’s a brain-ache to learn… very frustrating, especially if you’re new to the class, or haven’t played for a few expansions…


So many times I’ve wanted to quit, and try something else, or go back to something more familiar.

It is by far the most frustrating and unforgiving caster I have played in any iteration…

But… as also stated, it takes a lot of practice and patience due to build-up, planning around a terrible eclipse system, and long cd on primary abilities that let you ignore said terrible system and wring more dps out of it.

Point and case: It pays off… in the end, if your sanity can survive learning the spec, translating the rotation, and then the whole gearing process with everyone laughing at you.


Fun though? Popping out of stealth with 180 ilvl and gunning down someone with 220+ ilvl from 100%>0 inside of a convoke can be fun… I guess… as long as no squirrel gets in the way to eat 4/5 of your starsurges or something…

I’m 205 ilvl and in M+ groups I burst harder then DPS classes that are 220ilvl. I’m not sure what class can compete with us in burst damage. Maybe Fire mage

Nothing like entering a CA with full astral power and all CD’s available

I realize though if you burst to soon upon pull you can pull threat from a tank and die especially with bear tanks

Fire mage can’t compete in burst. But they can do their burst every 1 minute instead of every 3.

A good fire mage can keep up in overall damage with a balance druid though. The two complement each other really well actually. Chuck a melee in there and a DH somewhere for the magic dmg buff and that’s the meta.

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I found the spec very boring, I cant do it. Going into season 2 im doing guard and I tend to stick to one class so I was debating between feral and balance. I made BOAT first and I regret it, something does not click with the class. Maybe its because im trying to compare it to shaman but I feel very slow and its to much of the same skill spam for me. Outside of the CD’s the class feels weak (even though it’s not) and I dont want to rely on convoke all the time. Its like the class is to easy it makes it boring.

I was the opposite I made a Druid for Resto and crafted the Leggo to 225ilvl until I realized I liked balance way more.

I usually only play tanks or healers this is the first time im maining a dps.

I still play Resto when I’m bored but my balance is 1100io where my Resto is only 700.

I just find when I’m healing I’m tunnel visioned into Vuhdo where with DPS I can experience the scenery more

Convoke feels fun