Do you actually play allied races?

I have a nightborne monk. Mag’har look cool, but I’m not that interested in playing one. Highmountain Tauren are basically tauren with Stag horns. I prefer bull horns, so I’m going to stick with my base tauren.

I’d like the NIghtborne a lot more if they had put more effort into their appearance. I loved the Suramar storyline. It sure seems like they wasted a huge opportunity because they didn’t spend much art time the Nightborne.

I have all the ARs unlocked, even done the requirements for unlocking Zandalari and Kul Tirans. My main is a lvl 120 void elf lock (that I leveled for heritage armor). I also have a lvl 120 dark iron dwarf pally, lvl 120 lightforged draenei pally (that I leveled for heritage armor), lvl 111 nightorne mage (got heritage armor but bored of it) and a lvl 120 dark iron shaman. I will be making and leveling a Kul Tiran druid and a Zandalari paladin and race changing my lvl 110 horde druid to a Zandalari druid.

Yes I do.

I have leveled a Mag’har, Lightforge, and Void elf to 120.

After that I leveled a Dark Iron and Nightborne to 110.

Currently my Highmountain is 82.

The only one I really like is Mag’har - that mog is my favorite look in the entire game. I was pretty surprised because my prior heritage runs were very disappointing in that I used the armor for 1 hour tops.

1 VE s.priest. Lost interest leveling her at some point. Have had her in storm wind a while now. Rested xp build up and running dailies. I inFact leveled 116-117 all dailies lol. I will push that 3 levels one day, It was bfa, had me hate the class. Liked this char until bfa.

1 ve hunter. BM spec, currently in balance of power. Been fun hitting the dungeons and the raids solo so far. Didn’t even mind grinds in Suramar now stormheim to have quests show up.

1 light space goat, leveling off and on.

Have Nightborne but not sure who to run. Hunter for familiarity or the lock. I don’t want to level the warlock to find out bfa only makes them have solo issues like s. Priest does.


I don’t think I ever seriously played a Hunter until Highmountain Tauren came along. Now I consider Hunter to be one of my top three classes to play, and my Highmountain Hunter is my definitive Hunter.

I have a feeling I’m going to feel that way about the Dark Iron Rogue that’s in my near future.


I still have to level my Alliance alt to max. I really want to play a Dark Iron but I don’t want to burn myself out before the Zandalari come along :confused:

Now that the Love Rocket Chase is over (no, I didn’t get one - 13th year in a row), I can go back to leveling my VE mage who’s around level 78.

The other allied races I unlocked will be slowly leveled doing things like DMF crafting quests or something. No rush to level them…I assume there’s no time limit for the heritage armor (which I’m not really interested in anyway).

But when I get on another character to do something, I get into playing it and it’s really hard to stop…all classes are pretty fun to play, even after all these years and all the changes.

So not a serious focused leveling process but end up leveling up anyway. That’s how I ended up running Valentimes dungeon almost 15 times a day. I don’t wike doing that but I Had to. >_<

As far as new characters allieds are all i play.
Why would I waste time starting at level 1 when I can start at 20?
Make core races start at 20 and I’ll be more than happy to roll new worgen and goblins.

I just use them to tag a world boss for the mount. No luck so far.

Meh. Don’t have much interest in them anymore. At least for me their staggered roll out has gone on too long. It is hard to keep hype going on that long.

The later that it goes into the expansion, the more it will become a pain to get them equal to the mains and alts I already have.

Maybe next expansion I might look at leveling one if I go with a different line up.

Daily. Dark Iron Dwarves are my favorite race.



The only one I’d play is Lightforged, but the lack of class options and no GotN is discouraging. Never did like draenei paladin aesthetics with ‘crystal this, purple that’, but I like the look of the race itself.

I don’t like elves, and highmountain are horde so that’s an immediate no-go. Don’t like trolls in any shape or form. Would’ve been looking forward to Kul’tirans if they could’ve been paladins, but Blizzard likes to crap on any and all previously-established paladin lore/aesthetics at any given opportunity these days(It’s all about doing what’s edgy and unexpected for the sake of shock value, because that’s hip and cool.)


Their appearance is terrible. Their racial could really see improvement in terms of adding flavour to them being an arcane wielding race (eg. having a racial to enchant their weapons for eg. instead of a boring passive 1% magic damage).

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Nope. Not until they are all unlocked in some future expansion. Or I have other reasons to rep grind.

  1. Nightborne look hella bad a… If only I could get past the actually terribad racials lol…

  2. HM are cool but tauren are ogs

  3. Mahgar are cool, love that orcs can stand now. Only orc is a lock though and he’s staying green.

  4. Di are the coolest looking drwarves… But they’re still little runts?

  5. Void elves look great as females. The males also look great as females :joy:

  6. Light forged look actually bad a… I just hate all their classes sadly…

So all in all probably not? Might level a di sham as that racial is op but I’m gonna stick with my og tauren sham.


I sort of tried to, but couldn’t bring myself to actually commit.

See, the only reason I can see to play one is the looks, which are further boosted by the heritage armor. To get that, you need to… actually level the dang toon. And leveling is just so boring any more. I used to be a rabid alt-aholic, but the last time I genuinely tried leveling from scratch I had to give up once I realized I’d be using the same four or five abilities for the next 100 levels. There was nothing to look forward to in terms of gameplay growth.

And that was just Hordeside, where I unlocked everything pretty much just by playing my mains the way I always do. The very thought of trying to unlock stuff for the Alliance is too discouraging to consider. Which is a shame, Dark Irons look pretty cool. But I am not grinding out the main rep for the Alliance in BfA just to slog through 120 levels of a simplified rotation.

I do, filthy Blood Elf.

Yep i do! i main a frost mage as a Nightborne. But once the trolls are released, im gonna be going pally 100%

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