Do we thank them for making Sandworn relics BoA now?!?

Having burned 160 of them on a piece of crap to vendor for gold just a couple of days ago, I don’t feel particularly grateful for the change.


Yes we should thank them, in the same way you’d thank the person who’s been starving you for giving you a piece of bread.


The gear level won’t change at patch, at least they didn’t say it would. So you’ll be able to get your alts 240 gear on patch day and also send them flux to make it tier

It’s ilvl 246.

Source? I didn’t see anything saying they were doing this… it seems too sensible for Blizz.

They posted about it in a Season 4 FAQ. It’s under “currencies.”

Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4 - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

We yell at them first and then we thank them for giving us boa currency for 246 loot in season 4, and then we yell at them again.


I honestly still don’t know what these things do.

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well obviously because they made a positive change we have to remind blizzard that they’re actually hitler for not making said change earlier. We’re wow players, we literally can’t be happy about anything ever.

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Sandworn Relics are tokens that you collect in Zereth Mortis to buy gear at a vendor on the east side. The gear is ilvl 246. You can then take 4 of the pieces and convert them into tier gear at the Creation Catalyst. And then…I don’t know what, I’ve lost the plot.

They sit on fixes we requested from development builds. That’s why.

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By the time the creation catalyst was open, not really lol.

It is better late than never but it’s really weird how the community the kind of hit the nail on the head for that at the beginning.

It is a bit strange it took him this long to understand the basic concept that sandworn relics were useless as introduced


It was higher Ilvl than you can get from LFR for 3/5 slots, and for normal it depends on how much farm you ran. if you were full clear farming every week, not really. If not, 246 tier is better than no tier.

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this was on purpose, they didn’t want people getting good-ish gear too quickly early on

I don’t even know what those are

Depends on the armor type. World boss dropped higher ilvl pieces, and there’s non-tier pieces in most of those slots from the last 3 bosses as well.

which again, depends on the prog/farm status of the guild in question.

Mythic and vault
*cough boa wouldnt gear mains any faster