Do We Have a Word for This?

I don’t see a whole lot of old names here. I quit WoW some time ago, came back a two years later, left again, and now, about two years later, here I am again. Those that go back that far might remember me as Loncis, a Draenei Shaman (a toon I have since deleted).

But onto my question: There’s certain pets that we can collect three of that can pretty reliably bring down just about NPC pet boss in the game. I don’t think any of them will work consistently, each and every time, but can overcome most challenges.

For instance, when I was in Zuldazar, I was pet battling a female Tortollan. I didn’t feel like looking up the strat on Xu-Fu, but I saw a flyer in her ranks, so, I just loaded up three P/P Nexus Whelplings and scored myself a win.

Is there a word for pet lineups, three of the same pet, that we use to just roll over pet bosses when we can’t remember the more elegant strats?

I have a few candidates that I use for this.

Nexus Whelplings, Infinite Whelplings, Mechanical Dragonling, Timeless Mechanical Dragonling, Emperor Crabs, etc.

I just refer to them as my Hoover teams, since they vacuum everything up. But is there a name we have for these three slush teams of the same pet that we use to fairly reliably take down anything?

Singing Sunflower isn’t one of them, though. That’s used for PvP purposes, and doesn’t usually score a win; they just aggravate the opponent into forfeiting. (I looked at someone’s pet collection during my previous return once. And I noticed she named her Singing Sunflower “Annoying,” which made me laugh. That about covers them.)

I use a lineup of three Landro’s Lil’ XT a bunch. I start with the first one and keep using it until it is killed then repeat with the second (no rotating out). Unless you are up against an elemental or trying to capture a low level beast it works pretty good. Three Emerald Whelplings are another lineup too.

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Or three Dream Whelplings, since, for the purposes of taking down a boss, they’re the same thing. Yeah, they work, but it’s kinda slow. Three rounds of doing nothing while you enter the Emerald Dream.

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I mean…that team is going to net you a win against most any trainer. P/P Nexus Whelps are one of the most OP pets especially for PvE. That reminds me of the good old days though, when Fluxfire Feline had Supercharge and Wind-Up…starting zone pet yet it was so strong it could basically be the only pet (x3) you’d ever need. So I understand why they nerfed it…but then they go and make something like Iron Starlette anyway so it’s like, why was Fluxfire nerfed then?..still sad about it.

I still can’t win at PvP, however. Not even once. Which is odd since I do own the tabard. I did at least a dozen PvP pet battles this morning (not an exaggeration) and lost every one of them.

All-in-all, I’d say my return wasn’t worth it. I’ll be closing my account before the end of this month.

I just wanted to see what I could do as a pet battler in the space of a month. But as it is, I don’t think I’ll continue playing the whole month. But, since the first of December, starting with nothing but my existing collection, I’ve collected 505 Polished Pet Charms, 102 Shiny Pet Charms, 1 Ultimate Battle Training Stone, 6 Marked Flawless Battle Stones, 1 Fel-Touched Battle Training Stone, 23 Flawless Battle Training Stones, 1 Aquatic, 3 Undead, 8 Magic, 1 Flying, 7 Elemental, 10 Dragonkin, 8 Critter, 2 Humanoid and 3 Beast Battle-Training Stones.

Not bad, considering I’ve only worked on this since the 1st of December. And of course, I spent none of them.

Suggestions, if anyone’s listening. Install some Battle Training Masters at the end of dungeons, perhaps with pet awards. That would definitely get the pet battlers back into dungeons.

Create a plausible storyline behind these NPC Pet Trainers, instead of having them standing around the middle of a dangerous area, looking to battle. Maybe you could have some crime lord or something issue a challenge to do pet battles. Maybe he has a child who’s into pet battling and wants to discourage him. So, if you beat him, he might give up pet battling.

The pet dungeons make no sense. Why should I use my pets to take on the bad guys in Wailing Caverns, when I should be able to just run through it, spamming Holy Nova and kill everything in it? Their needs to be a plausible reason to use pets. And I think it comes by treating the NPCs as wanting to battle with pets.

Be well, all! May your turtles always make it to the water!


They need to expand the pool of players for pet battle PvP. I often fight the same 1-2 players and it would be nice if I could face more than just them. I win about half my pvp pet battle fights, and I usually just use 3x of any pet to do pet battle PvP. Pet battles already have RNG built in, you should never lose 12 in a row.


If they would just increase the incentives. Maybe you could win pet charms for winning consecutive games or something. On the other hand, incentives invite all Singing Sunflower Teams. So, you can only do it if you have three different pets. “Okay, I’ll go with Singing Sunflower, Broot and Blossoming Ancient.”

Edited to Add. I followed your advice, in a manner of speaking. When I got destroyed by a healing team with Singing Sunflower, I switched to three elementals, two of which cast Darkness, and I requeued.

Then I encountered a team with three Falcosaurs, and got demolished again.

So, I gambled on the possibility that I would meet the same player again, so I loaded up my three P/P Nexus Whelplings. Sure enough, it was the same team. I recognized the names they had given their Falcosaurs.

Arcane Storm, and Arcane Barrage. The first Falcosaur did some kind of defense to mitigate the damage, but it wasn’t nearly enough. 2/3 of Arcane Barrage and that Falcosaur was dead.

The player, if they knew anything about Arcane Barrage, must have known that whatever bird she sent in was going to get the third salvo, plus I had two Nexus Whelplings still at full health waiting in the back. They chose the better part of valor and quit.

I almost felt sorry for them. I knew Arcane Barrage would take out flyers, but I didn’t expect it to be quite that effective.


Not to mention, a lot of pets are low key and underrated OP. S/S Rose Taipan with Vicious Fang, Crouch, and Blinding Poison comes to mind. Only thing that really beats that is faster (than 341 speed) teams or teams with more than 1 Flying type. Every other matchup, it gives you Blinding Poison (which is amazing when faster, as you should be against most everything), Vicious Fang which stacks damage (which you will be able to do easily with the longevity of this pet), and Crouch which is 50% damage reduction for 3 turns for when Blinding Poison isn’t in effect/on cooldown. Most people don’t even know about Rose Taipan or know its power because it was just some random snake in Stormheim and who cares it’s just another snake, right? Right…but if you get a specific breed of it, and use a specific moveset, then it’s a 341 speed snake with those 3 abilities cohesive and synergistic abilities making the pet a virtual and actual monster. Raise your hand if you already knew of the power of S/S Rose Taipan.

Not me, but I have to admit, it’s nice to use against those teams that are led by weather changers. First shot is changing the weather.

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