Do Something For Felstriker

Would really appreciate an official Blizzard reply with ANY/some information - a lot of customers are awaiting clarity on Felstriker + OCE server adjustments or feature implementation to minimise the imbalance.


Hey Blizzard Corporate, wake up and respond.


No response and yet another guild transferring to another server leaving remaining people in even worse situation. Suppose good one-off bucks for Blizzard, while putting at risk continuation of subs for the remaining player base in the short-mid term.

Poor population management, extra layers for mega-servers in OCE region lead to this. Shouldn’t have created 3rd PvP server in Oeanic if planned to layer Arugal and Yojamba to the maximum. It is now time to admit it was a mistake and support the Felstiker community trapped in the corner.

Open free transfers! Let active player base to continue playing MMO and not a sort of “/players 8 diablo” in WoW! Subs remain subs on any server.
As for transferrs - you will still be making money on those farmers sucking dry Mana Thirstle and Terocone from Felstriker and x-ferring to other servers if $$$ is what matters the most.


You’ve completely failed Felstriker @Blizzard


I agree mate as a fellow Aussie… seriously we need something done about this.


Long live Felstriker!
Server resources certainly feed a few families somewhere in the world. It is fascinating to see how some smart people organized their farming+xfer+gold selling process, accounts on both factions to avoid PvP and keep farming, toons in all strategic areas farming 24x7. A few of such “milking cow”-servers are definitely needed to keep $$$ going in right pockets.
Sad to see legit players are simply left abandoned by the Blizzard community managers.

Would be good to know if there is any process in place for situations when server population decreases to a “non-MMO” amount, and do something to keep remaining people engaged and happy playing Blizzard games.

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Godspeed Felstriker, a glorious server in it’s day.


Why do you keep ignoring this Blizzard? :sneezing_face:

Hate to play devils advocate here but wasn’t it obvious the server was going to be low population from the start? If that wasn’t your preference why play there…

Why do you think the majority of argual + yojamba players didn’t take the free xfers?
(Hint: it isn’t because they enjoy sitting in queues for hours)

Incase you weren’t aware this happened on retail with the OCE servers.

Only frostmourne (1st oce server opened) and barthilas (3rd) held their populations as more and more xferd to them as the later waves of servers became ghost towns.

Had zero knowledge about history of retail OCE servers (and why a regular player should study this sort of things?), knew no one to ask as lived and played in EU before. Started playing Classic - Yojamba - FULL, Arugal - FULL, queues on both. Where else would I go? Rolled toon on Felstriker, which had much more players back then.
Yoj and Arugal got extra layers, why would anyone there cared about free transfers? Players demanded for layers, they got them. No queues, players for dungeons, raids, AH etc.
Players of already almost dead Felstriker were begging for merge or free transfers - got nothing.
Now with only one legit active guild left, probably can rename it to Failstriker or Farmstriker.

Curious, what has blizzard done for server balance to receive a bark from the no teeth dog called the Accc?

Which is exactly why Blizzard should connect it with Arugal or Yoj or just close it off and move the people that are still left there.

Although I can’t see that happening, Blizzard doesn’t give a flying f@#! about Oceanic or the state of the servers as a whole.

still nothing ay…blizz got the customer service down pat…

It is almost like…they are doing it on purpose… $$$$

How is being subbed and on Felstriker a mistake on Blizzards part? Felstriker was dead throughout most of classic, people only went there because of queues and people wanted them to open up new servers during the classic rush. It’s nobodies fault but your own that you didn’t see obvious.

was actually fine in classic. the remaining guilds all cleared naxx…was a great close nit community supporting each other through naxx.

Took a while, but seems like it is finally happening!

Early nerfs, free transfers. Early Christmas?

So, no free transfers from Felstiker.
Server with 1 raiding guild and zero items on AH is considered good enough to keep operating?
Just let prisoners of poor population management in OCE region go!

bare minimum achieved

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