Do some of you really enjoy crying?

Why is this forum just cry wolf about different specs. Do you want all the classes to just be weak in pvp?


this is a 3172 mmr lobby

this is a 1600 male draenei ret paladin


his partners just hold him back bro


It’s very nice you are making a congrats post to this paladin!


I dunno, if crying in the forums means they don’t message people toxic stuff, I’m all for it. Easy to get frustrated when arena is designed to be a giant pressure cooker. Granted I doubt it actually stops them from messaging others while raging, but here’s hoping.

Yeah, Borngood could learn a thing or two from that guy.

Not about WoW, but maybe he’s got a good chili recipe or something.


Yummy <3 <3

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Actually crying on forum made Blizz to hotfix Rets.

They even said it.
“Because of huge feedback yada yada…”


OP you said it all… You almost never see anything positive on the forums. Just endless lagging, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Thats why I check the forums, just curious as to what the PvPers are crying about today lol.


Never hurts to step up and try to be that positive voice.

I’ll do it:

I enjoy WoW’s PvP for its complexity, excitement, and the characters that dwell on these forums.


I enjoy it quite a lot here. It’s crazy how many people have messaged me in the past recognizing me from the forums on here. Even upon returning after a 2 expansion break I had it happen. It’s… an odd sensation, but kinda cool as well. Still haven’t decided whether or not I’m sticking with the game or not, but it’s been kinda nice being back here.

I missed seeing your guild name :relaxed:

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<3 Heh, never realized just how relevant the guild name was for a monk. xD I’ve been tempted to start spam recruiting for it again, but I want to make sure I’m going to stick first, as I don’t want people to join then to just go afk on them.

I’ve seen multiple vids of 3k+ players getting destroyed AFTER the nerfs.

Don’t get too comfy because more ret nerfs are sure to be on the way.