Do people not like BM for mythic+?

I am trying to gear up through doing mythic+ dungs with group finder. Not very high gears or high io yet since I just started doing it. So far i’ve only done 3 dungs out multiple times of signing up for some and just keep getting denied. I know how to play the class to a point and use Counter shot when it is needed my ilvl is 435. I’m not looking for high keys mainly been trying to get into +5 or a little higher. Just was wondering do people just not like hunter or BMs or something?

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doing “low” keys right now is really rough. there aren’t many players in that pool as the season is over for a lot of people. on top of that, there will be people with far high ilevel in the group finder as well as just doing world content will give you 440 or so, ignoring crafted pieces

at a key level that low it’s best to just list your own key


The spec isn’t really the problem at those key levels. The problem is a lot of DPS signing up and not enough tanks and healers. You are not being personally denied to those groups. They just have dozens of applicants and you weren’t lucky enough to be the one chosen.


I mean that makes sense. Just trying to gear since I’ve returned to wow and haven’t really played since BFA. So used to doing mythic+ to gear out my character.

No it’s not the spec. It the fact they’re more dps all signed up and the group leader is looking for overgeared dps.

Ilvl is winning over skill. They want to be carried through so it’s not cause your playing BM.

Nobody wants Hunters because they bring almost no utility to the group and are squishy DPS is a dime a dozen the counter shot has like a hour cooldown it feels and almost every other DPS spec brings far more


BM is good just hunter is very very squishy and mediocre utility. so you do decent damage at the expense of popping ur healers blood vessels, when there are other ranged that can do decent damage if not better without the cons

its good but not meta. at low keys your fighting competition from people with wayyy better ilvl, at high keys its slightly better io and/or theyre a meta spec

lol is this 2022?

Its true, though, as a healer in M+, the hunter will be standing a mile away from the danger and for some reason even though I am pumping HOTs and heals into the hunter the only one constantly taking big damage is the damn hunter. It drives me bonkers.

sounds like the hunters you’re playing with are not very good :confused: hunters don’t take more damage than other classes, they have a huge hp pool, and several walls, on top of a massive heal with a sub minute cd

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Look you keep taking this stance, and I am sorry, but you have no idea what you are talking about on this particular issue. You’ll list off a bunch of abilities, but you still won’t be saying anything.

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I assure you, players far better than you and I have realized that hunters really aren’t that squishy anymore and anyone that repeats this is just repeating outdated information.

I mean, saying the defensives hunters have is “listing off a bunch of abilities” yes but you’re acting like we have none when there are many specs that have it far worse than we do lol. we aren’t even the squishiest mail DPS specs…

You mean the same players that collectively rerolled to dwarf, and started using defensive trinkets/embellishments to shore it up?

yes, because stoneform is universally good on every single class that a dwarf can be?
yes, because using defensives trinkets in high keys is an absolute no brainers?
yse, because dwarves are also significantly ahead in DPS for top end players?

hunters are no squishy at all in raids. there are many, many squishier specs.

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I am actually fine with our defensive abilities as they are. My issue is with sustained, unavoidable damage and the design thinking of hunter defensives. The reason rot damage is so bad for the class is because the devs have decided that hunters have the best defensive in the game (the ability to kite better than any other class in the game). But no matter how much mobility you have, you cannot outrange rot damage.

Now, I don’t care if other classes have it worse. I’m not trying to compete with anyone. If they have the same issue, I think it needs to be addressed. I would be happy if all they did was give all specs Spirit Bond (and made it work with Lone Wolf for MM).


Hunter defensives aren’t as abysmal as they used to be. They’re still on par with the worst in the game, but that is mostly due to things like long-ish cooldowns, being on the GCD, and not being able to use them while stunned. The health increase shortened the gap, but Hunters still have poor defensives by comparison.

The bigger issue is self-sustain. Specifically self-healing. Tens of thousands of logs make it clear that ranged Hunters have the worst self-healing by a large margin. This is why rot damage is such a problem.

At this point, I would be perfectly happy if they gave Lone Wolf MM Hunters access to pet abilities, so they can use Tenacity health increase/heal, or Ferocity Leech - and allow BM Hunters to access Leech from pet damage.


“Tenacity heal” isn’t a thing.

BM gets Spirit Mend but spirit beasts are not available for MM.

fortitude of the bear, the pet special you get with a tenacity pet out, heals

yes please
the fact that certain things are just dead for BM (leech and misdirect) because most of our damage is pet damage feels so fried

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Fortitude of the Bear increases your health by 20% temporarily, but also heals you for that much as well. I called it “Tenacity health increase/heal” because it was late, I was tired, and drawing a blank at the name. I figured most Hunters would know what I was talking about though.

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That’s not really a heal though, you lose the extra health when the buff falls off.