Do other Classic players who took a long break also have this issue?

Maybe if blizzard could have been bothered to send even a single email about this to people that weren’t subscribed then they could have known it was a thing to “care enough about” in the first place

If you made a character in 2019 classic it is completely reasonable to assume that the character would stay as a "vanilla " character because that was the entire point of “classic” in the first place

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If you paid attention at all to anything classic related you would have found yourself quite informed on this topic far before the removal of the service. This was not a secret. These people just thought this game was never going to be alive again so they didn’t bother. They knew the service was being removed.


“If you had looked at the battlenet launcher every day and went to the wow website every day even though you weren’t currently playing the game at that time you would have known”

Such a stupid argument.

Bottom line is blizzard messed up by not sending any emails about this to anybody, 99% of people not subscribed aren’t constantly looking at wow news to find out if blizzard is going to move their characters off of the game mode they assumed would always be in vanilla because thats how “classic” was marketed for the first 2 years of its release


Yeah, this logic would work if they hadn’t announced TBC and Wrath after that. Bottom line is that if you cared of the toons you spent all that time on being in this version of the game, you probably should have pulled the trigger on the character copies as soon as you had the chance like all of us that actually cared about vanilla did.

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I am also in the same boat, darn near to the t with how you described your situation. I have a 60 warrior that was on a classic server that turned BC then WotLK and never knew about the cloning service.

I’m now having to level up another warrior on classic era. It sucks, but it is what it is. I don’t expect them to reimplement cloning or allow us to at least pay for a transfer from those servers.

The return of the clone wars.


yup, and you know what happened in 2006? your characters were automatically moved to the next expansions :expressionless:

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Lmao you mongloid, I’ll post on my era character that I actively raid on. Will you?

Of course people playing the game is good for the game. The people who cant clone over are more likely to not be interested in leveling again therfor not playing at all ( hence the 100+ threads about cloning). Which is bad for the game. Preventing people from cloning is not a net positive just because you think it is.


I also took a break when BC launched, I did keep my characters on classic era servers and didn’t move any forward. It was free to do in the time window, the paid part was for progressing your characters forward, and keeping a version on classic era. Seems a lot of people would of liked to keep characters back but did not.

arielba supporting tbc fr fr?

Real classic players don’t take breaks.

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if it did come back would that bother or effect you in any way?

Absolutely. This is an MMORPG. Each player has its own influence on the world. A sudden injection of max geared, gold-capped alts would undeniably have an effect on Classic Era.


you realize those “BiS” players would roll alts and then level those too. But with blizzard giving those players the finger and deleting their characters, its very discouraging to even level a new one because the trust is lost. Why spend all that time and effort for years again when if i take a break i might come back to them gone again…

They weren’t deleted…but you know that.

but didn’t this already happen with the original clones? sounds kind of hypocritical saying it was ok then but not ok now. guarantee you every one of those people copying a 60 over will be leveling an alt after too.


I never said it was ok then.

Just because you didnt see the speed limit sign doesnt mean you can go 120 MPH in a school zone.


what are you basing this on? if they wanted to level again, they would just do it now.

Yep, this happened to me and 10,000s of other players. They covertly transferred all classic characters to new servers and sold a paid service to keep the characters which has expired… which means basically all old classic characters are gone.

Those of us who took a break after classic was finished had to learn the hard way by logging in and seeing our characters gone.

I personally spent close to 1000 hours on classic wow when it came out in 2019 to have it all deleted.