Do other Classic players who took a long break also have this issue?

I dont see why blizzard can’t just move your characters back at anytime. They started in classic they should remain in classic.


I am also in the same boat came back after years to find all my characters gone. Very sad


There is a megathread for this. People have been asking for it to reopen since it closed. However, if they reopened it now, it would cause more harm than good due to the server’s population primarily growing due to 3/5 of the server being levelers.


Yes, I took a long break and lost my Level 60 Enchanter (who was maxed out at 300). She’s in Wrath Classic, though and is missed on Vanilla.

RIP Paige :sob:

Your sisters Piper (Mage and Alch) and Prue (and BS who fed you your Ench Rods!) miss you!


i could not find anything else about this so that is why i had made one, hence asking if I was alone cause i didn’t see anything in searches.


This is about as subjective of an opinion as possible, and yet you didn’t word it that way. Pretty goofy.


Yeah, I agree with this.

I never thought that clones made any sense tbh; I thought they should just either have completely separate, new servers for expansions, or allow you to “upgrade” your character to a newer expansions if/when you want, but not clone it.

When I originally played WoW way back in the day, I felt the same way you did (but of course clones didn’t exist). It felt like I was not only ripped off, but in order to play my characters, I more or less had to buy the new expansions, because there was no “just play the old content.”

Anyway, that sucks, and I wish there was a better solution for you.


Yeah sucks., I lost all my horde characters to this and while it sucks the Good news is that the world is very populated and full of players at every level.

My new Pala (rerolled alliance) is now 54, come join us. The guild I joined seems really fun.


I took a break right after AQ40 dropped, recently returned. No, I have no issue with them cloning my acct to access WoTLK. I am quite enjoying it, and it is not even close to retail.

The WoW Tokens say otherwise.


They already cloned the characters to WoTLK, whether you wanted to or not. The Issue is getting those characters who are 60 and never did anything outside of vanilla classic back to the vanilla classic era servers that they came from.

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Same. I lost 2 60s on a PvP server - Tragic!

It does annoy me that there’s typically a group of posters who act like if you took a break you somehow deserved to have your characters moved as if that was ever a reasonable assumption of something that would happen one day. It should have been necessary to opt into TBC, not the other way around. And it doesn’t make sense that characters who never played in the new zones can’t be retrieved.

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Still trompin’ around in those clown shoes I see.

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Data is deleted…ain’t comin’ back.

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I lost a 60 druid and 60 warrior to this. Managed to xfer my SOM priest though, got lucky.

What he said isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact. Levelers are great for the game and we’re extremely bottom heavy with levelers, even 4-5 months later. You’d know this was a fact if you actually played on era servers.

People running around with bis geared toons is fun for those people for like a week, but they just get bored and quit. More people without bis geared characters is better for the game. More people to level and gear and contribute to the economy.


I also lost a nearly full naxx bis hunter and an aq40 geared rogue. So I feel the people who didn’t backup their characters and lost their vanilla copies.

Unlike retail wow in the day, wow classic was never advertised as “an ever changing world” but a faithful recreation of the game as how it was in 2006. I think it was pretty safe to assume that, if you started playing vanilla classic in 2019 that your characters should have remained in this same world permanently.


And they absolutely would have, if you had just selected the character copy option. If you didn’t care enough about those characters to copy them within a year and a half of the service being made available, you probably didn’t really care that much about them at all. I had two I cared about, and I copied them the DAY the service became available. Because I cared about what you’re saying.

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Maybe if blizzard could have been bothered to send even a single email about this to people that weren’t subscribed then they could have known it was a thing to “care enough about” in the first place

If you made a character in 2019 classic it is completely reasonable to assume that the character would stay as a "vanilla " character because that was the entire point of “classic” in the first place

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If you paid attention at all to anything classic related you would have found yourself quite informed on this topic far before the removal of the service. This was not a secret. These people just thought this game was never going to be alive again so they didn’t bother. They knew the service was being removed.