DO NOT upgrade your belt to tier set

There are 5 tier slots, head/chest/legs/gloves/shoulders, but you can upgrade any piece of gear that isn’t a weapon or accessory into the physical set. Even if it’s not part of the set bonus.

This is their way of avoiding having an incomplete tier set that’s missing a pair of boots or whatever because they had too many other boot items in the raid. Mostly for transmog purposes, but maybe the item has more desirable stats for you as well so it could be a bonus.

Everything you need to know is right there in game. You just said you had no problem doing it. So are you campaigning for people who aren’t as smart as you?

Why on EARTH would you resort to a personal attack?

  1. There are literally zero new players using the creation catalyst. “New” doesn’t mean: Has levelled to 60, has unlocked ZM and has completed all relevant quest chains…

  2. Oooft, so much stupidity here… the system does warn you. It’s not the systems fault that you’re an idiot. Next.


Um, I intend to craft the cloak as soon as I get home. Just because you don’t care what your character looks like doesn’t mean nobody else does. And yes I would be upset that I had to wait because braindead players can’t pay attention to what they’re doing.

If I’ve learned anything in my profession, a lot of people need hand holding lol.


I genuinely didn’t think they’d unlock an entire feature like this just for Mogs, but that’s what I get for assuming I guess lmao

Deserving, Blizzard laid out exactly how this system was going to work and you can blame certain players of the playerbase for misusing the word tier.

Why didnt you scroll over the item to see what you were getting? 30k achievement points and you dont know the basics?

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This is the big disconnect. Most players use tier set specifically to refer to the bonus set not the transmog. No one asks “do you have tier?” meaning the transmog. Then you had hella players telling each other, “this thing makes anything you put into it tier”.

To be fair, that’s how the world works now. “It’s your fault that I made a mistake” kind of deal.

Well, I think there’s probably more brain dead noobs than people like you lol. I side with them. Idiots are people too.

It is not. The set comprises the pieces with bonus and the pieces without bonus to form the armor.

It is clear as water that only helm/chest/legs/gloves/shoulders can have bonus.

If you add the item to the catalyst, you will see the item that it will be turned on.

I don’t believe, at all, that any player put a bracer without even putting a chest or helm before just to look how it would look like the item output.

If people, even having access to the information made a mistake, just accept it and move on, you will be one week behind but whatever, it is not the end of the world.

Lol and theres the post many prior to the catalyst said would happen…

The darn thing even shows you what youre gonna get before changing it…
If you still did all that and didnt read anything about the catalyst you only yourself to blame…
Also a belt is never part of a set bonus…i mean I get youre toon is a DH and is blind but you in RL are not…you should of seen what you were getting and known the peices that are and are not tier slots…

Looks like they are going to have to dummy proof the dummy proofing with the next hot fix


Every issue with the creation catalyst could be avoided by simply reading for maybe 20 extra seconds.

RAy Charles would of seen it

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I’m still trying to understand why anyone would have thought that a non head/shoulder/pants/chest/gloves would convert into one of those 5. Like you put in a belt and it comes out as a headpiece? How would a belt having the text for the set bonus work, would “belt of the luminous chevalier” suddenly appear as a sixth line when you mouse over the set item? I don’t understand the confusion lol

Because it changes the non bonus items for transmog and stat reforging

But how would that even work from a game standpoint? There are 5 slots listed on a tier piece

I don’t remember how tier bonuses worked outside of vanilla and TBC.

Vanilla tier bonuses had the entire set attached to it so you needed to wear everything from bracers to the helm if you wanted the full bonus.

TBC changed this to Gloves, Chest, Shoulders, Leggings and Helm for the tier bonus to make it easier to aquire the full bonus and allow swapping out the other pieces for preferred stats.

It’s reasonable to assume that they’d keep up with a more convenient tier system like what TBC had rather than attach each item to the tier bonus. Not to mention they said what items would offer a tier bonus and it shows what it becomes when you’re about to change the item.

5 slots listed for the set bonus. I know how people are using tier, but thats exactly the problem here.

I really dont know what english people are using when tier (a row or level) somehow means set bonus.

How about tier set means tier set and set bonus means set bonus so no one is confused?