DO NOT upgrade your belt to tier set

Yeah its kind of garbo sense right now its a weekly cooldown, and I especially hate that the sand relic pieces are way lower ilvl than my open world stuff - it should have at least scaled to meet my ilvl of my much better but not qualified to be used in the catalyst for some damn reason items.


I wonder how hard it would have been to give a pop up window to say,’warning:this item will not upgrade into a tier set bonus. Do you wish to continue?’’

  • A “Set item” means it matches the set.
  • A “Tier bonus” is a bonus some pieces of the set have, like head, shoulders, chest, hands, and legs.

I can see that this is confusing though and blizzard could save some pain by dumbing things down.


This is why you have all the things addon.

It explicitly lists out which pieces you’ll get per tier of catalyst change and only 5 slots have tier set bonus. Just like raid.

People are really complaining about this?
Did…did you not read up on it beforehand?
I’m so confused.


Wouldn’t have cost them anything to update their guide to include the two scenarios.

Tier set bonus slots will upgrade to bonus. Non-set-bonus slot items will upgrade to respective transmog piece, but will not count towards set bonus.

It never pays to be a live tester for the game. Let others tank the problem for you


This is why I always give it a week or so to learn from letting other’s bug test the process and instructions.

Also as others have mentioned if you had 0 or 2pc after vault opening, it would be best to wait a week anyways. At least until you run raid.

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This is the fun part about development for me and is something I have to regularly consider on my projects. If there are no tier pieces on waist but you can upgrade any gear, someone will put in a waist piece expecting to get tier out of it somehow.

There is always that kneejerk reaction when developing to go “well no one would do this” but then… exhibit A.


I think it is to the point that any thing with words up to a sentence or more people need a TDLR that is all emojies .


Blizzard expected too much from its player base.


And in that same paragraph you quoted it says what items the bonuses will be on


I am equally confused by this process as well. I love how there’s no in game instruction for players. They expect you to go to outside sources to know how to play the game.


Believe it or not, a lot people don’t read up on new features, they expect them to be in the game and play the game to learn about them.

This is a game, you shouldn’t need to “read up” on in game features. You should be able to play the game and figure it out.


Very obvious something like this would happen. Too many uninformed players


You get a pretty clear preview of what you’re doing. And a timer to prompt you to reconsider. This one is on you, not the system.


This has been the SOP for like a decade.

The catalyst gives you a pop up window that you put a piece into and it shows you what it will become . A mouse over will show if it goes towards the tier bonus.

Maybe I was wrong and the player base is too stupid to use any common sense thinking .

They for sure can’t read because Blizz has already said what pieces get bonus and what don’t .


The tier set is a SET. Helm, Shoulders, Chest, Gloves and Legs has 2PC and 4PC powers. The Cloak, Belt, Boots is also part of the this Tier set but they dont have the 2 PC and 4 PC powers. They are more for Tmog purposes. Becoz if the set is complete with just Helm, Shoulders, Chest, Gloves and Legs, it would look incomplete and ugly without the matching Cloak, Belt and Boots.