Do I need to do all of shadowlands to get to zereth mortis?

What the title says. I’m a new player who boosted to 70 after buying the pre-order and there’s literally a single pair of quest reward gloves I want from zereth mortis for a transmog. Will I have to quest through all of shadowlands on my alt before I can get there just for these gloves or is there a faster way?

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Welcome to Azeroth … or, I suppose, to Shadowlands! :stuck_out_tongue:

'Cos you’re going to be spending some time there.

Yes, you really do have to quest all the way through the linear questline of all four zones of Shadowlands, with some side-trips to the Maw and Torghast, and then at least enough time in Korthia to get Maw-Walker, and then start Zereth Mortis,

That’s a long way to go for a pair of gloves. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a new player, may I ask WHY you want this particular paot of gloves? The game is absolutely bursting with appearances of all kinds. It usually takes players quite a while before they get obsessed with individual pieces.

To be fair, it shouldn’t be too bad these days. You will probably work through it within a week, less if you play a lot.


Since I wrote this, it has been bothering me that there is a raid in ZM. Are Blizzard really restricting access to a raid to people who completed the long linear Shadowlands campaign? There is something of a precedent in that the Throne of Thunder raid is locked behind the questchain unlock for Isle of Thunder, but Shadowlands is a whole 'nother order of magnitude.

All of my 70s have been theough Shadowlands and so have ZM unlocked through their own progress, so I can’t personally check, but it might be worth going to Oribos on your fresh 70, and look for the Zereth Mortis portal downstairs before you do the whole Shadowlands thing. Just to be sure.

yes… if you haven’t completed the expansion once already on a toon, complete with one campaign, opening korthia, and also zerith mortis… then I suggest doing that. it’s a pain but if one is ambitious enough it’s possible with in a few days. if you HAVE… you can choose the fates option and it will let you skip everything even UP to opening zerith mortis as well.