Do I just delete my evoker?

12 heroic Sark kills…
5 LFR kills…

No Lego.

Do I just CTL ALT Delete?

Thank goodness I decided to main switch to a Druid to help my guild out lol.

It’s just a weapon that seriously isn’t needed, stop being a child about it.


Don’t delete. Keep trying. You got this.

Delete over not getting a leg? Nah, delete over the spec being useless sure.


I can see you have a wealth of experience with the spec to make this terrible take.

No point in deleting, it’s annoying from a bad luck standpoint but not strong enough to get so dramatic over.

I’ve killed on heroic every reset and also main swapped to help the guild last week, so it’s less annoying for sure.

How do you figure a Boomy is more helpful over an Evoker? The item is nice…but it does not make or break the class/spec.

I heal. Always have - always will.

Thats kinda worst…and doesn’t change the fact that the Lego doesn’t make or break the spec.

Plus its not like Resto Dru doesn’t have its issues.

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Resto Druid has more utility for raids.

Ew. You rather play a boring druid? I was happy to finally get the heck away from that main to play evoker. The leggo is just a nice bonus it doesn’t make or break the class.

Nah bro. This is just miserable. I’m at 14 heroic now myself, been at this since week one. Awfully designed legendary, hope whoever thought this was a good idea stomps a lego or something. The fact its all left to RNG isn’t good or enjoyable, especially when people can just get it on lower difficulties. Should’ve been a long questline or mythic only. Wish I could swap to another class, but at this point idrc to.

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The real answer is if you’re not enjoying the class, change it up. I’m drinking my depresso espresso over here legoless as well and debating on going back to my DK to get baited by a new lego. Trying to find the bright spot while getting cucked is hard sometimes.

At this point Im thinking it is time to go to another game. Blizz hasnt learned and doesnt give a damn about the players.

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I mean if i didn’t get the legendary i still enjoy the class. So i’d keep playing it. Eventually, next season it will get replaced (unless there’s an upgrade path, but that’s currently TBD).

Though, it’s replacement so soon is kind of funny. “Evoker, here’s this super special gauntlet that represents the future of your people and your freedom. It’s gonna gather dust in your bank here in a few months.” Kind of perfect considering how meh the Dracthyr story has been thus far.

LFR has the worse chance to drop.
Also once you do heroic it adds the lfr and normal drop chance separately for a big chance to drop in heroic so doing anything after heroic is a waste of time because it counts all difficulty below.

You only need to do heroic once a week for full chance.

But nah don’t delete…I’m still trying too. It sucks but if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen…though I’d lie if I said it wasn’t pissing me off too.