Do I even know anyone here anymore?

squints really hard
I played on Earthen Ring - US back when the game was launched, through Cata and popped in a few times during Mists and Warlords of Draenor. The main reason why I haven’t stayed is a lack of friends to play with. How many people are here from the olden days? I was in in Vanilla, a few different guilds in TBC, and after I was in

  • Zandriana, Tinúviel, Ninnel, and Lothiriel

There’s quite a few of us still hanging around. The forums aren’t as active as they used to be but I see a lot of old names and faces in game on a daily basis.

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I logged on Earthen Ring opening day. Been here ever since same character same class. It’s home.


A few folks still kicking around here and there. Some of the old folks log in on occasion, but i’ve seen more doing so to see who is jumping to classic, particularly of the TBC Palemoon crew.