DMF in ally territory WITH Fire Festival?

So “parsing a 92” means you parsed better than ~91% of people of the same spec etc. So if I do 90 dps and the other 9 parses all did 85-95 dps because they all had world buffs) then I’m probably parsing right in the 50th percentile (someone around 50% did better, 50% did worse.)

But if I do 90 dps, and the other 9 parsers are doing 30-95 dps (because some have world buffs and some dont) then I’m going to parse much higher, because more people are doing worse than I am.

Parsing is a relative measure, not an absolute one. That may be where we’re not connecting?

It is still very presumptuous to assume that those with world buffs just 100% of the time beat those without. There are other factors other than world buffs that determine parses.

  1. Kill speed: Some classes do better on longer fights due to slow ticking damage while others do good on quick burst damage fights

  2. Group composition: A Warlock will do much better if they have a shadow priest and a bunch of warlocks to stack improved shadow bolt. Similar mechanics work for other classes

  3. Consumable Usage: A person who uses flasks, elixirs, potions, food, alcohol, jujus ect won’t be counted as a “world buff” but a person who gets world buffs that doesn’t consume would be counted as having world buffs but might still perform lower than the consume user

  4. Enchantments: While gear score is taken into consideration somebody that has enchanted gear vs no enchants will not change the gear score.

  5. Number of World buffs: There are many players that just get the “free” world buffs from their guild dropping Head and ZG heart and don’t go out of their way to get tribute, songflower, WCB, DMF, ect. Yes whether you go in there with 1 world buff or all of them they are counted the same.

Obviously on average a player with world buffs will do better than one without as buff>no buff but to assume that it’s a top 50% and bottom 50% scenario is very dis-ingenuous. Also even if it was 50% use world buffs and 50% didn’t. A person at 98% would drop no lower than to 96% as if you think about it they were 48/50 with the 0/50 removed making them go to 96%.

Imagine crying about world buffs being horde and having access to warchief’s blessing and wf totem.

I look forward to griefing many Horde in Elwynn.

Never forget Phase 2.

I’d cry about a buff that is available to both factions aswell.

Wait…I learned this during P2…“pvp happened on a pvp server, cry moar nabzor…reroll PVE.” Did I get it right?

What? That requires a work around and is nowhere near reliable.

Okay zoomer.

Who remembers where the very first Darkmoon Faire was, and which faction that “favored”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh my dear, you poor soul.

First world problems :man_facepalming:t3::joy:

dont stress sephose, DOGZ gets a free pass :wink:

As a corollary, on servers that manage to open AQ gates week 1, it’ll conveniently match up with the Mulgore DMF week and the same kind of topic will be show up once again.

pvp happened on a pvp server

Is there any more pathetic post on these forums ?

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Did someone drop you on your head when you were a baby? I’m sure Blizzard was looking at the calendar and sat around the table and said, “We better make sure DMF falls on this month for Alliance so they can have FF buff too.”

You’re a special kind of stupid. Anyone complaining about anything on a PVP server should not be playing on one. It’s sad.

Less QQ

More pew pew

It’s your own fault you’re playing on a PvP server, stop crying.
Also horde has the Warchiefs Blessing world buff so you already have no right to whine about buffs.

It’s highly unlikely that it was planned out to give Alliance DMF for Fire Festival.

Sounds like a personal problem.

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If your mage pool is reduced to say 4000 people, the top 1% of the mages. All those mages usually parse 95-100. So that 5% is now spread out over 100% of a smaller player pool. So a person who gets a 95 will now be in the bottom 20th percentile and the 99s will be in the top 80th.

This is an extreme example. What will likely happen is the there will be someone in a raid with a WB that will put the whole raid into the WB category so the pool will likely be similar. Unless guilds explicitly make sure everyone is on the same page with what they are doing that week. This first few weeks likely won’t change much until guilds adjust.