DK tank LF guild

Hey guys. currently have a 385 Blood dk . im 8/9 normal and 4/9 Heroic i just came back to raiding would like a guild that im able to raid with and that could fit my available day’s .

Monday night perfer, Tuesday night perfer, wendsday 11:30pm .
i do perfer late night but if u think u have the right days maybe we can work things out

We just downed our H Jaina as a guild and are looking to move into mythic here. We raid on Fridays/Saturdays at 10pm CST. We are an alliance guild on Sargeras. If the times work, let’s talk.

9/9N & 6/9H Age 25+ (age flexible, but you must be mature, no teenagers and under tho). AotC meta achieve team. T/Th 11pm-2am EST.

We are multi gaming group. Destiny 2, ANTHEM, ESO, Division 2, and more.

Btag = Armageddon#1974
Discord = Skybolt#2791