Dk talents

ok blizzard again I’m reading patch notes which at this point I’m tired of you have a huge list of changes coming for some classes . hunters don’t need more stop giving it to them you’ve apparently never been chased by pets or drill shot in the back by one in pvp which as this point is all i care about in this game because df sucked from the jump. on my talents just moving them around isn’t giving back the dps you screwed us out of at the start of the expansion and people don’t need to comment they saw what they did to us even other classes thought that it was garbage. I’ll say it again .I’m a melee class blizzard one of the hero classes at that I’m supposed to be strong and I’m supposed to try and hit you it’s my job so stop saying I’m unkillable you have no idea what you’re talking about I’m not mlg and I’m still climbing blizzard this need to stop go nerf someone else and stop messing with us . us as dk mains think you’ve done enough and the trade off wasn’t worth the dps we lost.