DK Starting Zone

With the whole leveling squish and All the Classes that the COre races can be starting at level 1 I feel there are certain Adjustment’s/Changes need to happen to the Death Knights Starting zone for the whole 9.0 Patch.

Ever since i started Mid Cata I feel i easily made 15-20 DK’s (not alwyas leveing them all to max level more to just to help me more to speed quest through it). There are a few quests in the Startingone that needs to be dealt with to help mkae the flow of the story line go faster, more enjoyable and not making you want to kill yourslef when you do these specific quests I feel need to be adjusted.

The first quest I feel that needs to be adjusted would be the one called ‘How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies’. There are those who get lucky and are able to get it done with just dealing with a couple NPC’s but there have been times when i quested through the starting zone where i easily went over dealing with 20 npc’s. One option would be make it sure this quest has a Cap as to how many you need to deal with like a 1 in 5 chance so if you dont get it by the 4th NPC the 5th one will trigger the dialogue for you guarenteed.

The second quest near the end called ‘The Light of Dawn’, IM sure when Wrath was out was much of an issue waiting 5 minutes if your the first one there to start it to allow others to show up and deal with it but now were lucky if theres 3-5 others needing it. I think for this it would be turned into a Cinematic of the battle it would allow people to deal with the quest quicker while keeping the lore still in game.

The rest of the adjustments is more just a better explanation of the quests in the quest books to help those new to the Core Race DK’s like the one where we have to go obtain the 5 Guists and the one where we have to jump into the cart that takes us to the boat where we use the Canon to kill the people at the docks.

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Yes this needs to be looked into I waited way too long on that miserable last quest