DK looking for a guild


I am making a fresh toon on WrA. I will be rolling as a Void Elf Death Knight or a Blood Elf Death Knight. I love Death Knights and I love the Blood Elf model.

I am new to RP, I am downloading the Total RP3 addon right now. I am also new to raiding, mythic plus and anything else endgame related. I have mostly only played solo and ran old content for mounts and transmog. I want to get into all of it. I want to make some friends and have a good time. Looking for a guild that will help introduce me to everything.


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Hi there! You sound like you might fit the type of player we are in Procurements LLC! [H-RP/PVE] Join Procurements LLC, punch vampires, ?, profit!

As a guild, we don’t really RP together, but I am always a fan of in character goblin shenanigans. We also have a very die hard DK who would love to talk lore and character development with you.

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First off, welcome to the wonderful and wild world of RP!

As you can see, there’s a lot of guilds recruiting, and most are more than willing to show newer people the ropes. Including my own guild.

There’s also a stickies thread in the forums with a list of RP guilds looking for more.