Divine Toll still broken

Divine toll is still broken and it is also 30 yards instead of 40 like it previously was. Really bad.

Hasn’t it always been 30 yards? At least, it was for Holy.

There was a time on beta it was 40 which was good, but went back to 30. 30 yards is just not good in general idk why it has that limit when the rest of our heals are 40.

But the bug is the primary concern for sure. I have no idea why it’s still here. It just makes one of our CDs sometimes useless, which is wild when you are depending on it for healing.

I have a work around which is a macro that lets you target a friendly via mouseover, and targeting a friendly seems to fix the bug like it did on beta. This is still annoying though but a temporary fix for now.

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if it hits under 4-5 targets it doesn’t generate hopo at least not when I am tanking.

ive made a list of all bugs reported and this was included into it, dont worry they wont fix any paladin bugs since ive been recording over 15 bugs since beta and they have only fixed 3. Have fun with the broken game.

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Finally fixed


Saw that and was hyped :slight_smile:

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Sadly doesn’t look like there’s any word on holys divine toll bug.


Justed tested next to five training dummies. Holy’s DT bug is not fixed.

In fact… Divine Toll is more broken than ever. If you have an enemy targeted, even clearing the target and casting Divine Toll on yourself, auto-casting on yourself, or casting on a mouseover doesn’t work. The only way I can get DT to consistently cast on myself is if I manually target myself or have nothing targeted and cast it.

This is so broken for Holy paladins. It’s frustrating that blizzard has not even acknowledged this issue, much less fixed it.


Not sure I understand entirely. Are you saying it won’t consistently self cast? And that when it does it seems to hit enemies instead of focusing allies?

Any change with this macro?

/cast [@mouseover, help, exists, nodead][@player] Divine Toll

or this one (for friendly targeting):

/cast [@mouseover, exists, help, nodead][@target, help, exists, nodead][@player] Divine Toll

What happens is it will just randomly go on enemies and/or generate no holy power. If you target a friendly it helps, but can still bug out and randomly go on enemies instead so your entire DT is just wasted. It happens with regular mouseovers, it happens if you target a friendly, etc. It just always happens. You can use a /target mouseover to make it a little better but again it can still bug out.

It is a super annoying bug when dt is a major healing cd for us. Pressing it and not getting that healing is really bad and annoying.

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Just going to play devil’s advocate here…

If it completely ruins HP then how come HP’s are still bringing home world records in M+? Just today a HP brought home the bacon on a +22 HoV. My 2¢…

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Huh? What you are saying has nothing to do with this lol. It doesn’t completely ruin holy power generation, it just sometimes makes it so divine toll does nothing, or doesn’t do what you intend for it to do (heal and generate). It is a very annoying bug but it doesn’t prevent you from playing.

No offense here but I am also not sure what the point of playing devils advocate in a thread about a Paladin bug is. There is no arguing here, it’s just a bug that needs to get fixed.

I hope it gets fixed soon. This issue has caused my group a few wipes when it didn’t go through properly.

I think they did something to it because it’s better… I’m getting more casts going on people at least. But it’s still not happening a fair bit of the time. At first I was super excited when I had a few work in a row :sweat_smile: the disappointment was real lmao


Looks like they made some more changes too, hopefully that resolves all the issues (for now XD)

  • Paladin

    • Fixed an issue causing Divine Toll to sometimes cast the incorrect spell.

I wonder what incorrect spell it was using

I’m guessing casting the “enemy” version of the spell effect rather than “friendly” version?

Edit… Just tested it. With 5 training dummies around, casting it on myself results in it hitting all the dummies and not myself =(. Not fixed yet.

Still buggy, for holy and for prot. I’ve seen multiple times of getting 0/1/3 (3 was the weirdest) HoPo in M+. I mostly play Ret for raids, but haven’t seen the bug happen on that spec.