Divine Toll - Fixed

About time.


Prolly cause Metzen came back and wanted to press the button that went DONGGGGGGGG


If you can think of a better reason to fix it, i’d like to hear it.

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What are you even asking?

Is the friendly targeting mouse over issue fixed for holy? Anybody tested it?

Not fixed yet it seems, still randomly prioritizes enemies.

Thought Prot Divine Toll casts Avengers Shield which no longer provides Holy Power?

Seems like it shouldn’t generate HP in the first place, or did Blizzard forget they made that change? (Also I know the talent has a modifier specifically for it, just seems like contrary design)

I initially thought so, but Divine Toll does generate as a talent. There was a bug where if there were more than like 5 mobs or if one died it wouldn’t generate any.

Still not fixed. Prot had a separate issue than holy currently has.

It’s been working for me

This one is still not working for holy. Have to make sure you have no target when you D toll in order to use it to heal. Inconvenient but a temporary (hopefully) work around for now!

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It’s entirely dependent on rng basically. For me targeting works, but there are other hpals who are targeting friendlies and having dt still go into the boss. If you don’t target anything there is still a chance of it happening