Distorted Blizzard's vision about pvp

Come on, certain comentaries are so wrong i feel ofended by them as a player.

“We’re striving to make a PvP gearing system that balances character progression with fairness”

Well, u are doing a terrible work…

“rewarding players who improve over the course of the season with noticeable power increases that can be overcome through skillful play”

The power gap is not only noticeable but overwhelming and cant be fought with skill, u must be extremelly bad to lose against someone with half ur hp and damage, in fact with a 20k+ hp diference ur skills cause almost no damage to them, its a certain death in most cases.

“We believe that the current arrangement – using PvP item level – has reduced the power gaps between players to reasonable amounts that make for fulfilling games where your team usually has a good chance to defeat your opponents in Arenas and Battlegrounds”

Come on, seriously?
This is so wrong its ofensive.
Fulfilling? This is a lie, Blizzard got the numbers to know thats this is not true, i’ve taken notes on everyones item lvl and made a spreadsheet with a few dozen matches i’ve played and the results are kinda choking, u can verify this urself.
In almost all games were there was a significant item lvl diference the team with higher ilvl won, not mentioning there is NOT a matching system, some matches the person with hingher ilvl on my team had less ilvl than the lower ilvl person of the oposite team, its not a pvp game, its a luck game if u get into a low lvl team, u lose, and almost PVE as gear speaks lougher than skill.

" You can get started quickly, and perform adequately"

First of all u cant start quiqly, u must get + - 13k honor to get a full 213 set, + 262 legendary were i some servers costs ALOT to buy, not mentioning the hours needed to farm them in torgast AND get the recipe.
And what is “performing adequately”?
Because with 213 ilvl u gonna be insta killed by some hunter/pala crits and not gonna do any damage to ppl with 233 ilvl+.

Whoever wrotes that text clearly dont play pvp or/and is defending the company’s point of view lying to us like that.

Some things i usually see in BGs:

I usually see ppl complaining that our team will lose just by looking at the hp pools of the enemy team (wich in fact confirms during the match).
Ppl complaining to low hp players they queued without gear.
Ppl choosing enemies to fight/kill based in their hp pools.
Ppl giving up X1 fights because of the bigger enemy hp pool, specially if its a rogue or feral druid.
Ppl only invite u to rated bgs if u have score+gear.

Im sure u’ve seen those things too many times during ur pvp matches.
If those are not sintomes of an unbalanced/wrongly managed pvp system i dont know…

To finish my analisis, pvp for me is lyke any other game’s pvp (including mmorpgs like FF14) and any real world sports: Only skill must matter!

Thats it, thanks guys!


Ion and the pvp devs are on the same page. It’s a ‘get gud’ mentality.

Just like they defended their 9.0 systems, they will defend their pvp systems. It seems they don’t think all the 9.1.5 and 9.2 changes should apply to pvp.

Is what it is man. Let the game die lol.


The BAD gearing system exists to cover the class/covenant/legendarys diferences they are unable/dont want to tune in pvp.
So the blame is placed on the player, easy solution.


You have to read Blizzards response in the context of rated gameplay. For randoms, yes their statement is tone deaf as it does not address the concerns of that player group. But for rated gameplay it is quite correct. At 1400, for example, you’re generally going to be facing teams which are either at your gear level, one rank above, or one rank below. In all of these cases you can indeed win by skillful play. In fact, skillful play can defeat teams several gear ranks above yours.
For random BGs it’s a bit harder to have a similarly clear response because random BGs are a selection of players from all ranges of skill, experience, and gear. You can certainly defeat teams whose average gear level is above your own teams, however, a statement of balancing progression with fairness is not applicable in this game mode due to it’s inherent chaotic nature.

  1. “Quickly” is subjective, it is going to be different depending who you ask. A few days? A week? A few days is pushing it, but a week is doable assuming you’re able to play 2-3 hours per day. People who are short on time are probably screwed for a while as they gear up slower over time.
  2. You do not need a 262 legendary. Or the rank below it, or the rank further below that. Stop thinking that you need to be 100% BiS to start PvPing.
  3. Performing adequately is also subjective. I would say that it is the point at which you can have a meaningful impact on the match. Your heals actually keep people alive through moderate damage, your damage output can help force defensives and/or land kills. This can be achieved with just the Honor gear.

Well yeah. We know that Blizzard is largely ignorant on PvP.

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Exactly, they are lying to us.


A fair monument for your FAIR effort.


Yeah, they should make that monument.





If they make pvp statements (and game balancing) only focusing in ranked pvp and ignores completely other pvps its kind of a disrespect with ppl who dont want to do ranked.
And at 1400 bracket u will constantly find paid ppl who will destroy ur team for a profit (blizzards profit selling tokens btw).

Balance my estatement of why its not quiqly in terms of hours needed to get to 213 and the 213 REAL performance, have u tried to heal a 50-60k hp person with a 213 set?
Have u been deleted with a single paladin or hunter crittical hit?
Well, i cant call that vaguely “adequate”, nor the damage u gonna be able to do against a 50-60k hp person or the seconds u will stay alive in a fight against that person any usefull to ur team.
And yes, when u realize that u have 36k hp and the enemy have 60%+ more the 262 will be very needed and even with enchants it will not make any sensible difference in the end BUT u will feel the need to get one.

It is not disrespecting anyone. The thread was about the PvP gearing system and so that is what Blizzard responded to. Their answers are not what we want right now, however, it does not mean that what we want is out of the question.

No, you will not. Carry teams are not as common as the hyperbolic screechers try to claim. Teams are not being gated by carry groups.

I am not sure why you have repeatedly mentioned 213 ilvl. Why the arbitrary number? Honor gear goes to 229 and is earned within a week of grinding. But yes I have healed at 213, it is not especially easy.

At 213? Maybe. I cannot recall.
At 229? No, I have not.

You keep making up a 1v1 scenario. Stop. Instanced PvP is teamwork. If you’re running off to 1v1 as an undergeared toon then you deserve to be deleted in a global.
At 229 your output is absolutely capable of being a net positive for the team.

What gets me is they said they "saw mountains of feedback from PvPers " and “who posted in those threads were, in a word, unhappy” and couldn’t take one minute to acknowledge it. It should NOT take a WoW Community Council for some feedback. This is why PvP is in toilet.

Note they said from legion PvP has “changed” ITS 100% Ion. (dismiss him)
PvP was about 50/50 before. Now who know? maybe 5%


Thats because its the lowest pvp honor gear lvl, going untill 233, not 229 btw.

Yes, because its the lowest honor lvl, but u shoudnt be deleted at any lvl in my opinion, thats not fair nor “adequate” as they say.

Well, 1x1 scenarios occur evey second inside BGs, normally with more ppl involved but ok, its a 1x1 even for a few seconds sometimes, they are meant to be balanced,
And no, i dont think anyone deserves to be deleted, its not fun or competitive in pvp.
At 233 yes, u have a medium gear capable to help the team and have a bit more survivability/damage but the comparisons i make are with lower ilvl because well… ppl queue with lower ilvl and play with lower ilvl…

They made the council just so they dont get bothered by the comunity.

Ion’s mentality is everywere in wow problems, its not hard to see… wow will only get better when he gets fired.

50/50 what?


Sor. I should have been more clear. Brian Holinka posted that participation of PvP and PvE was about 50/50 up to legion.

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Thats because in legion ppl didnt had to gear up to play pvp, just queue and play as it should be.
Now and in BFA ull get stomped as a new player.


We just need two set’s. I had 7 toons in full conquest in WoD and MoP. Had Loads of fun! Now I don’t PvP at all. It’s a tedious process, on just a main. try and push in low gear. Just to die to someone getting boosted. Thats why they dont want to change the gearing in a nut shell. wow token sells. When you have Mike Ybarra selling runs its not a good look.


Wtf i googled it and its true, this company makes fun out of us…

I sometimes wonder if I’d be happier, so to speak, if at the start of a season I could submit for a gift box to come in the mail (with a large red bow) that I could unwrap that would have my gear for the season in it. No more “gear progression”… easy access for alts… and so on. Then you could have nice cosmetic rewards in place of what was once required gear - some exclusive some not as exclusive. Earning nice transmogs is actually a big deal for a lot of people…


your right the game is far from balanced personally i think blizzard likes it when we bash our skulls against the wall and secretly hate us, pvp is trash and impossible to do anything if your not geared, there should be some ilevel pairing sytem but i highly doubt there is, defend pvp? damn its hot garbage right now, and ive known a few people who stopped playing wow over it. fix the game holy cow blizzard. everythings messed up


I agree with your posts though you keep sorta tunneling in your own “BG Agenda” which I suppose is understandable.

One can do well in BGs under geared if you play with your objectives and teammates and know your class well. It might not be fun/easy though this would be essentially on how well you know your class/spec and what it is. (Some work better undergeared.)

The real issue is every BG is a crapshoot. You can easily win, or easily lose, and sometimes have a good game. And it’s all based on gear. This also translates to world stuff, where unlike in past expansions, I could beat anyone. Glads, R1s (though, no proof of that haha) but at least there was a chance. In SL my 225ish-230ish unranked toons don’t have much of a prayer versus a full geared SL PVP toon that knows what’s up. I have trashed some rivals, etc though haha.)

Why would most players with -20k health even bother to engage if given the choice in PVP like that with players who are supposed to be “better” even if the gear was the same?

Sure there might be some amazing players in certain games but this gets overshadowed by the fact that one team has a massive gear edge and then the plays and whatever become kind of lost in the nonsense. (Though I do stress that in random casual play learning how to maximize your potential especially as a healer can offset this a ton.)

I 100% do agree though that the post made by Blizzard is either negligent or simply a massive failure to actually know what’s going on in their own game. Then again this is evident by the notion that “honor pumping” is going to change everything for the better, lol.