Distinct Advantage <A> LF 2 day/w raiders

Distinct Advantage is looking for serious raiders to push harder into Mythics.

We are currently 8/8H + 3/8M
Raid schedule is Tues/Wed 7:30-11:00 EST (Optional N on Sundays)

If you know your class, come prepared and are looking to take raiding a bit more seriously please Contact:
LF currently -

Druid - Resto / Balance
Shaman - Resto / Elemental

All other classes will be considered also .
Thanks for your time !
Pretty much recruiting all capable folks...
Hiya Druid Tank/Balance currently. 339 ilvl working on stat priority for Balance . Do you guys do normal raid as well and or M+?
Heya, we run an optional normal on sundays and m+ throughout the week.
362 ret please send me an invite im 6/8 on heroic
Always lookin for capable folks
Still fishing
Still looking for a solid Healer and dps as we continue into mythic uldir
who dat
Still lookin for skilled folks!!
Still looking for skilled raiders wanting to join our family.
M Zek needs more healers and dps to eat..
Bump ... Still looking for pew pew players .

Ret pally , Havoc DH and exceptional melee and range will be considered
Lookin for more folks for M Vectis

Still looking for more folks to join us.

Ret Pally, Havoc DH, Rogues and any exceptional players

Still looking for some great dpsers, maybe a healer or two!! Come wipe on Fetid =D