<Distilled Meat> Horde 2/8 Mythic Uldir - Recruiting


A little about us! as you can tell by our guild name we tend to live a little on the wild side! We are a happy go lucky bunch of friends who have been raiding on and off together for about 10 years! Being able to handle banter is a must!!

Our community has grown over the years and new faces have joined us and we are currently on the hunt for more wacky and outgoing people to join our raiding ranks. We do many things outside of raiding such as pushing mythic + ladder, Achievement runs, Transmog runs and much more! Right onto that raiding information!!

Raid Times:
8:00pm to 11pm (GMT+10 – AEST – Server Time) Wednesday and Thursday.

Currently Recruiting:

( Ideal item level for mythic progression in this patch and the next at least 370 )

x1 Tank
Ranged DPS ( any class can fill this roll )

Anything not listed will be taken under consideration. We are looking for people who are serious in filling these rolls! We want core members to join our raiding ranks.

Please contact the following officers:
( Either in game or via real ID )

Jerika - Thalia#11737
Sparklez - Icebubbletea#1781
Miltmilt - Ozzypopcorn#1497
Illidaddy - Irkenn#1354

Thank you for taking the time to read! You can reply here I will check daily!