Disposable Heroes returns

Disposable Heroes , The number one vanilla guild Aggramar is looking to bring old folks back into our ranks.

Server - Stalagg (tenative) PVP
Faction - Horde

Come join in the fun at the end of the month…
discord . gg / Q2mVjfK

Ahem… not to nitpick but… Order of the Raven was the #1 PvE guild on Aggramar for almost the entirety of Vanilla all the way until Ice Crown Citadel was released. Disposable Heroes was a close second most of that time.



Not to nitpick, but we got to Onyxia first and several other server firsts before OOTR :wink:

I’d venture to say it was more evenly matched, we raced and swapped server firsts.

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EO was first most of wrath, picked up all the server firsts except malygos because we went on a month long christmas break =p

edit:also OotR was #1 for most of vanilla!
also edit: pretty sure we didnt get heroic LK first but i think we got heroic halion first


If I had my DKP records and the blogs, I’d denounce this insanity that OOTR was #1 more, but alas, time is a beast to us all.

I remember healthy competition and /spitting on @Persephone (Because she deserved it)

Herod, huh? Hopefully we see you there! :smiling_imp:

Sorry, we voted to leave Herod due to overpopulation and estimated 10k+ queues daily.

I thought you wanted the true Vanilla experience? :smiley:

Lol well that’s disappointing. Don’t blame you though. I’m hoping things will calm down on Herod after the few first days when people start giving up on classic.

Aggramar never had queues that high, if anything aggy was low-med pop for the longest in comparison to the other servers.

Either way the crew of 25-30 people all voted for Stalagg, I’m just a single vote! D:

Lol y’all still rolling on Stalagg? Looks about as populated as Herod.

everything is a sh!t show…

Lol I mean did you expect anything different? There’s a new Eastern PVP server and I’m tempted but I’m already an hour and a half in this Stalagg queue and I kind of don’t want to quit.

Yeah… they have 29 servers now… most are low pops atm… I dont want to break up 50+ people to change servers.

Well hopefully I see the guild tag around!

Well, we took a vote - we moved to Sulfuras. x10 less queues.

Ha. Fair enough.

The #1 guild was Vlos Drathir.

Are you going for Scarab Lord again? I just remember you sitting in IF on the scarab mount holding your hand of rags haha. (Originally Samirduran of Victory or Whatever)

Umm. Pretty sure if I remember it correctly. OOTR and DH were neck and neck throughout Vanilla. DH got Server first Domo, then we Both killed Rag(OOTR server first) within 4hrs. It was a fun back and forth. Specially fighting for world bosses. Definitly wasn’t a clear #1.

I miss those days.