Disgusted rant

It just sucks

I’m sassy and I put my foot in my mouth sometimes. Don’t we all? I have regrets. I don’t watch shows, I don’t post on social media. This is my fun to pop onto. I love talking with other WoW players. I love WoW, even tho I’m not happy with how it is currently.

But, I met some awful ppl from another realm. Who follow and provoke and report. I wish I could post receipts. I have a lot saved. Awful, awful ppl.

I’m just tired. I want to be left alone. But I love this name and I won’t back down.

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I agree with you on this. I have seen many flag hidden posts that I disagreed with but that did not violate any sort of forum rules. People are using the flagging system as a downvote system. Although I am not sure why people feel the need to downvote anything. All they really need to do is to post a well thought out response stating their position on the issue. Or… just move along if they don’t want to do that. :woman_shrugging:

There are people on this forum who will feel victimized and offended no matter what you say.

There are others who will be contrarian just to be contrarian.

There are others who will take any suggestion at game improvement and reply with some version of “get gud.”

You could announce a cure for cancer and some nitwit will flame you for putting oncologists out of a job.


You should consider putting them all on ignore. Seriously, I think it’d do wonders for you.

Ignore is your friend. It exists for this very reason.

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What about when they mass report me? I had a couple dudes obsessed. It’s scary. No lifers. And, I’m not the only one going through this.

If you’re referring to something that’s happening in-game, have a read over this post from an awesome Blizz employee from the CS forums:

Spotlight on: Hararssment

It’s a good read and can help you with efficiently dealing with in-game harassment too!

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Thank you but I reported one of the worst before and all I got was “put on ignore”.

This dude was scary. Scary. It takes a lot for me to be scared. And all I get is, “ignore him”. I can’t when he has several accounts

Just be extra cautious about not breaking the rules. Blizzard will not suspend you as long as you do not break the rules, no matter if you had 1 report or 1000 reports.

Eventually, Blizzard should see that they are falsely reporting you, which is itself an actual violation of the rules.

They always have two options:

  1. Move along and don’t participate in the discussion
  2. Participate and give their opinion/experience/etc. - Sure you risk getting flamed but who cares. :woman_shrugging:

I get this.

I’m thinking of a guy that is such a snake and so gud with knowledge of tos and being creepy enough to not break it but continue his crap.

Define “attack” :slight_smile: Having a different opinion and going back and forth arguing isn’t “attacking”. Not to suggest there is no attacking on the forums only to clarify not everything is attacking.


This is going to get flagged and closed pretty fast.

Why would this be flagged?

I’m always curious who the main is with posts like this, cause you know damn well there is a 90% chance they are the controversial one here.


I totally agree. It’s just that some folks don’t seem to see it that way. Writing out a reasoned response is too much trouble for them, I guess. They just want an easy way to vent. So they abuse the flag system.

I think there could be some who deliberately abuse the flagging because they have some agenda of their own, but they are probably much fewer than the ones who are just lazy.

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Using multiple characters or accounts to avoid an ignore in-game is considered Ongoing Harassment.

On the forums, using multiple characters/accounts to report a post is also against the rules (which is why appealing is so important as I mentioned before).


Can I call on you when I need help with PCRE? :slight_smile:

Oh, well, this dude has a lot against him then.

Discussing moderation is against code of conduct, and that’s basically what this thread is about. :man_shrugging:
A lot of people flag these types of posts as they tend to devolve into arguments and attacks and are rarely ever productive.


I actually welcome a different opinion and a constructive back and forth dialog; what I can’t stand is people becoming vicious and mass flagging when there was no violation to the rules or code of conduct.