Disconnection problem with using any browser and playing wow

Everytime I play wow and use any type of browser to look for things my whole internet disconnects while I’m using wired and the weird thing is my wifi doesnt disconnect just the computer disconnects and when this happens i have always have to restart my computer to fix the problem is there any way to fix this :frowning: I’m using comcast 1gb speed speed. I need help and my computer is a desktop with no wifi connected to it. my phone and other wifi stuff works fine just my computer has the problem and its every computer i have that it does this with while i play wow and use a browser.

check ur firewall security settings.

The steps from the pinned thread may help:

Hey, Gankster! It sounds a bit like there’s a bandwidth or mitigation problem. It might help to check some settings on the router.

There’s settings within the router/modem that helps mitigate or prioritize the home network traffic, so one device or connection type could have priority over another that can cause packet (data) loss or latency spikes, resulting in a disconnection.

Check for the following settings in the router and disable any that are enabled:

  • QoS (Quality of Service)
  • WMM (Wireless Multimedia)
  • UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)

The settings for these can vary from depending on the device model. It’s not something that we help with directly because the settings and locations can vary. The router manufacturer or Internet Service Provider (if the router/modem was provided by them) can help look for these settings.

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