Disconnection on sure death/death/revive


Every single time my character is sure to die, I disconnect (51900319). Revive, instant disconnect. What I mean by “sure”, is that a way higher level mob targeted and is following me. Still alive when DC, dead on reconnect. Once I get back to my body, hit that revive button, and 50% of the time I’ll disconnect again. I have all options under Network disabled, I tried prioritizing my wifi to my PC, I have a fine connection, etc. It only happens under these circumstances, if I’m playing without being near death, there are zero issues. I’ve even revived at the graveyard and gotten disconnected immediately upon doing so.

How do I get you a log of my disconnect error, and has anyone else experienced this? I have no issues in retail, just wow classic.

Thanks in advance for the help on this very frustrating problem!

EDIT: Example: Was leveling in barrens, no disconnects, except the rare occurance I died. Went to STV to reach Westfall in order to complete my Aquatic form, and every single time a mob (skull, im level 17) targeted me, I DC. Then the revive DC kicked in, etc.