Disconnecting on One Character Upon Login

Just for some context, I would be playing on one server and want to log over to my other server that I play on. I believe this only happens on one character on that server, but shortly after logging in, I disconnect. If I try and brute force reconnect, I would keep disconnecting. After quite a few tries I would eventually stay logged in. Alternatively, if I do not attempt to log in for about 5 minutes, this also will keep me logged in. I have done an interface reset before, and before that have tried disabling addons, but I am still having this issue after months. My belief is that maybe there is a corrupt file somewhere that involves that specific character or server? I’ve also tried repairing the game through the bnet app. This used to happen to one of my other characters in BFA on the opposite faction and other server, which makes me believe it’s a corrupt file, perhaps still within the Interface or WTF.

Have you tried using the Stuck Character service to move your character? It’s located in the Customer Support menu in-game. Alternatively, you can also use the self-service option at the following link:

I also looked up some old threads that might be of interest to you regarding large communities and guilds. Apparently the issue has been long fixed, but the information still might be relevant anyway:

Hopefully some of this can be of use!

Thanks for the reply! I did a UI reset again, and I am working on adding in addons to see if I run into the issue. I’m adding in the more vital/larger/more likely to be problematic addons. Right now I just have WA and Plater active and haven’t run into the issue yet after a few swaps. I have not attempted the Stuck Character service, but that will be one of the things I try on the next time I run into the issue.