every time i log in the last few days, and im looking at different toons, i get the disconnected error message even tho im connected. i click on a toon, get the message. click on another toon, get the message. help?

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the past few days wow keeps dc’ing me for no reason as well. nothing else has any issues. im at 150mbps DL and 30mbps UL. should have no issues. my comp is about 100 times what u need to play wow

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yeah, my computer has no issues. until today with these dc’s that dont actually dc me

I logged on earlier and my toon froze then I tried to log out and it wouldn’t log out or exit game my ping was also really high.Then I get the blzz50319 something or other disconnect. Then battle.net is “attempting to reconnect” Get back in WoW and still had high ping. Idk what happened.

It’s a known bug and doesn’t affect your ability to login.

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same here…

i get dced every 5-10 minutes sometimes every 2 or 3 .


That’s not what the OP is experiencing. Their explanation:

They never lose connection. Please start your own thread with a connection test.

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