Disc/Holy Priest LF Raiding Guild

Hey everyone.

I’m currently looking for a raiding guild to run with here on Arthas. I’m Disc/Holy, and have raided hardcore - semi hardcore throughout most expansions. I started playing in BC, have mained multiple toons and specs, with priest being one of my favorites. I quit early BFA due to health issues and recently started back again. The guild I’m in is something a friend invited me to while I search. So here’s the nitty gritty:

About me:
I’m a very dedicated player. I bought the expansion ~4 days ago, rushed to cap and started the grind to get to ilvl 200 at the time of this post to make sure I’m a viable and competitive candidate to any raid group.

I’m very thorough and enjoy raiding. I come prepared with fights researched, consumables etc. I’m willing to help in any way I can, very team oriented player.

I’m not a squeaker and prefer not to play with them.

My schedule is pretty open, and my attendance will be a minimum of 80-90% depending on how often you raid.

I’m always down to stick around after raid time ends if we are close to downing a new boss. Nothing like that rush.

About You
Your guild must be capable and looking to push into mythic content if not already doing so, in the near future. If you aren’t interested or you really know your group isn’t going to make it there please don’t waste either of our time.

You don’t have squeakers.

Your focus is PVE, I’m always down for RBG/Arena, but my passion is for raiding.

You have a spot for me. I’m not looking for a bench seat. I understand I’m rusty, and a bit behind the gear curve, but I’m busting my butt to get there, so I’d like the respect of not being recruited as a fill in.

You don’t have squeakers.

Your raid leader isn’t an emo crazed screaming rager who thinks they are Bobby Knight when really they can’t even coach Highschool JV. I’m perfectly fine getting called out if I screw the pooch, I usually own up to it right from the rip if I do. I don’t mind people getting their butt chewed, especially if you are as good as Bobby Knight, but I’m not interested in a 2/10 LFR Raid Leader who thinks they are 9/10 Mythic either.

I want to raid. I don’t want to play with squeakers, I sound like Barry White, I learn fast, listen well (unless you’re my wife), and admit when I’m wrong (also unless you’re my wife)

Hit me up.