Disc Priest target's target if exists, if not target macro

Hey all,

I’m having an issue. (several)

Planning to play disc priest in SL and I want to be able to throw damage abilities at my target’s target, without de-selecting my target. But, also to cast at my target if I’m targeting an enemy. I also have language attempting to prevent casting if I’m casting penance, to avoid losing out on the last tick.

This gets trickier with penance. I want a no mod activation to hit my target’s target, but a mod activation to hit my target and never de-select my target.

So far, I end up switching to my target’s target and the penance macro doesn’t work with the modifier. Here’s what I have, please tell me what I’m doing incorrectly.

Ty in advance.
1st one
/cast [nochanneling:Penance] [@targettarget,harm,exists] Power Word: Solace; [@target] Power Word: Solace

Penance macro
/cast [@targettarget,harm,exists] Penance; [@target] Penance
/cast [mod:shift,@target] Penance

I’m going to keep looking, but if anyone can help I would appreciate it.


Stick the stopmacro line above the cast if you want that added functionality.

(OP here, had wrong character selected when I posted)

Hey! So… I used a combination of your guide and the website you linked (I believe it was you who linked it) to fix the problem I was having.

This is what I ended up using, but without the mouseover part. I didn’t want the MO to accidently target a CC’d enemy I happened to MO at the wrong time.

Thank you for responding, even if you already helped fix my problem. You’re a boss man, I really appreciate it.

Mouseover/target macros are really nice to have especially for disc priest. When I don’t want to accidentally mouseover cast onto an ally/enemy I just hold right click and it goes to the target everytime.

This is the onee i use for what it’s worth.

#showtooltip Penance
/cast [@mouseover,nodead,exists] Penance; [harm,nodead,exists] Penance

Here is mine:

/cast [button:2,target=player][mod:shift,@focus,help][help][target=targettarget,help][] {Healing Spell}

I put a focus on my tank. Sometimes, the target looks at someone else. Shift key helps me heal my focus.

Right click heal myself.
Shift click heals my focus.
Targeting a player will heal the player.
Targeting an enemy will heal the target of target if friendly.
[] heals myself if nothing is targeted.