Disc in Raiding

Hello! For picking a healer for normal/raiding would disc be say better than holy? I’ve heard before that disc only performs best when in a mythic raiding environment.

Also with the new update to the Kyrian Leg does that apply here?

Also compared to resto Druid, which class would be better suited for raiding with healing as an offspec and ranged dps as main spec? Thanks!

It depends on size of group. If you’re looking to raid with 20 people or less, Discipline works fine. The reason Holy is generally better in heroic is because Discipline can’t actually blanket the entire group in larger group sizes. So for healer cooldowns, Holy is more valuable there.

The kyrian legendary does nothing to change that. What it does is line up boon of the ascended with your evangelism/spirit shell better.

That said, what’s ‘better suited’ to raiding also depends on what you like:

Discipline takes a while to get your head around in a raid environment. They pretty much do no healing outside of their ramp windows, so you need to know how the fight works, and you need to start blanketing the raid before big damage goes out, then bursting during the damage. This makes them generally harder to play in raid because mechanics can force you to have to pay attention to them while you need to be ramping. Basically, your raid cooldown requires ~15 seconds of prep. Like painsmith - you generally want to ramp for the traps, but you’ll also have to be paying attention to spike waves and spiked balls at that time. So while you’re throwing out PW:S on everyone, and casting radiances you need to be moving and avoiding things. With something like a holy priest, you can just be healing, avoiding mechanics and when the big damage goes off, you just hit divine hymn if its your turn to use your cooldown, rather than worry about those seconds of setup. Basically this class isn’t going to be for everyone, because there’s a learning curve involved and you need to be more prepared for each fight than other healers from your first pulls. It’s a very fun and rewarding class, so I’m not saying you shouldn’t play it - just if you’re going to play it, you need to know what you’re getting into.

If you enjoy resto druid/holy priest, they’re fairly good healers in normal/heroic right now. Resto druid’s going to get even better next week with the convoke legendary. They’re both pretty much just throughput machines, and don’t have a ton of raid utility. With resto you’ll be more mobile, as holy priest generally has to plant their feet and hard cast heal for a lot of the fight.

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Thanks for your insight! :slight_smile:

TBH i would not recommend disc on this tier. The dmg is kinda nice in a raid (i do 2.8% sire denatrius HP on mythic) but nothing you will notice in your gameplay. HPS wise disc is the worst by a huge amount. The kyrian leggo (after they reverted the buff) will mean 2m boon, even if it is bis, loosing the Spirit shell lego means more HPS loss.

Stay away from disc if you aim for CE guilds. And for sure stay away if you pug heroic.


Holy is stronger until renown 57 Kyrian.
And yes in Normal, Heroic Holy is better when you out gear the contents or have more than 20 people or less than 18.

Druid is as fine.

??? Disc is gonna be a requirement this tier.


I think they should add a 3min Cooldown spell that apply atonement to all the raid I mean all other class got one that affect everyone in the raid. Disc the only one who doesnt and is limited to ‘‘5’’ max for half its value. I really do think deserve one hat apply to all the raid for full value

Used to be 3. so we got buffed :slight_smile: and in mythic raid you CAN get atonement on everyone in the raid

U know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your 3 min raid cooldown is technically barrier, which is a stronger damage reduction raid cooldown than the paladins 3 min devo aura mastery. Spirit shell is just icing on the cake delivered in 1.5 minute dollops.

I’ll take that version of radiance anyday. Sure it was 3, but it did more healing and was spammable to make it easy to cover the entire raid.

You couldn’t really use it to blanket efficiently unless you had a bunch of innervates. 7 Radiances was like more than half your mana bar. We still used plea/PW:S into as few radiances as possible during EN/Nighthold. The cool part was that we actually healed quite a bit outside our ramps, and the ramps were just the big cool part of Disc. Tomb is when they changed to the 5 target charge-based system, and honestly it was a lot better for blanketing. What shoehorned the spec really was the introduction of Evangelism and the absolute smacking of Contrition (which, to be fair, was probably deserved - but did relegate Disc to the walking cooldowns they are now).

I know but i would see it more as a mix of Old barrier from Legion i think. U know the one that used to give the shield on all the party. Like the idea was good but i think its it would apply 20% reduc on all the party the same way the shield used to work instead of a zone and apply Atonement. I think it would be quite a nice talent

The mana cost hasnt changed, but as we are already dependent on innervates, it wouldn’t really change much.

Besides, at 6.5% base mana cost, it’s more mana efficient to have a 3 person atonement with radiance (full duration atonements, mind you) than putting PW:S (3.1% per cast) or shadowmend (3.5% per cast) on 3 people.