Disc in DF

How’s it looking in DF? I see a lot of discussion, but I’m not currently a priest main so don’t always grasp what the changes mean. However, looking for a healer main come DF and Disc is currently my top pick.

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Do you mean is it fun? I think it’s more fun than SL. You can always jump on the ptr and play around with the new talents yourself.

Or do you mean is it strong? There’s lots of tuning to be expected between now and live. I don’t recommend chasing fotm, because it’s always just a hotfix away from getting flipped on its head.

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Strength would depend on tuning. They added a few tools to help with spot healing which is nice!
Raiding? The disc ramping sequence seems to require an absurd amount of unique button presses lol.


Be prepared to plan more keybindings if you’re coming from a simple class with few rotational buttons.

I’ve done some dungeons in the beta.

I think Disc is very fun, but has small things that need to be ironed out. Shadowmend loss feels bad, and a couple talents don’t feel super great. But the overall playstyle feels greatly improved, and our atonement and PW:S healing is significantly better than they are in Shadowlands.

Numbers-wise, the damage it deals is considerably weaker than Holy. But Holy fire seems to be very overtuned right now. Basically, we still have our aura nerfs - but we lost our most powerful AoE tool. We did get a strong PW:S + Reflective shield, and we got big penance VERY often, but it doesn’t match up to Holy, who only has to invest 3 talent points to grab empyreal blaze and do an extremely high amount of damage.

That said, there hasn’t been a lot of tuning. Demon Hunters are absolutely SLAMMING damage right now, and certain builds for certain classes just do like 3x the damage of others. So with tuning passes, I’m pretty optimistic, since the gameplay style is pretty nice.

Awesome. Gameplay is what I’m most concerned about. That and having the tools to be useful. Glad to hear the gameplay is improved from SL.

can you elaborate on the lost of the aoe tool to disc? what are they losing?

Mind sear :slight_smile:

Im thinkin disc is gonna be very good if of course encounters that work for disc exist.
Does seem like bliz wants disc too go more soo to the shielding playtyle more so now.

Did they give an explanation for why they lost it? Only had it for one expac

no and yes. pws has a cd so its not the same as was. Plus i actually think the changes will make things harder for some people. Legion had the set up we do now, plea, pws radiance etc and they dropped plea to make it easier for people to play. So im curious no how this plays out. More buttons to press not less, to do well.

No they didint and currently its the only thing that currently makes shadow cov viable in my books

unfortunate :confused:

I’m considering maining disc priest after watching some DF videos about it. I feel like going into DF, Disc is going to have a lot more direct heal/triage healing capability with Renew and Flash of Light. I also love that these spells give Atonement. I didn’t play disc before, just read about it and opted not to play it because it seemed like it was overly damage focused. Yes, damage-to-heal will still be at the core of Disc, but it feels like I’ll have better control over spot healing and direct healing.

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Hey either way seems interesting.

With current 2 set bonus on live, we’re getting free shadowmends. I’ve played a little on the beta as I got access recently and it feels quite similar than the free flash heals. Except those free flash heals don’t heal for quite as much (at least right now) Renew feels good. But it’s kinda similar to pw:shield on live in terms of feeling. Fits as a replacement for the default applicator, but doesn’t feel like it’s such a stronger option than live.

Not talking about the rest of the toolkit. Just pointing these things out as disc doesn’t necessarily have more ‘triage healing’ because of the things you mentionned…


but why take a priest when literally everyone else brings more to the group?

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Because it realistically dosent matter what you bring too the vast majority of content.
Disc was considered to be horrible in keys and you still saw some people running them even up into 25s. Most of the content in the game really dosent require meta picks as long as it is played well.

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I agree completely, but you can’t pretend that’s the average experience players will have when playing something people see as non-meta. If you have a group to play with, it’s not an issue. But if you’re in lfg, why would they take you over literally any other healer? Unless priest just ends up with some absurd numbers, I just don’t see it being picked all that much outside of mythic raiding. I really hope I’m wrong, though.


To some degree but ehh i have been in a plethora of groups with some very very offmeta specs and classes. Thrpughput the years.

Nobody brings Power Infusion except priest.

Nobody brings an infinite mind control except priest. There are mobs in these dungeons that do things like put up a shield that heals max health every time you’re attacked, or a mass AoE interrupt, etc.

Priest isn’t helpless in dungeons. Holy priest especially, because they’re doing as much damage as a DPS in burst phases right now.