Disc as a DPS Instead of Healer

I believe there was an old off heal/dps spec that was possible in Cata. I am wondering if Disc would be better as a DPS now? I want a DPS spec that isn’t Shadow-themed, as a Priest, sort of a Holy Mage spec. Ideas? Am I just screaming into the void? Thanks for your commentary and ideas.

No. The closes thing you’re going to get is a ret pally.

The DPS Disc has been able to pump out has gone up and down over time but it was never considered a “DPS” spec for priest. The reason Disc has access to a much larger number of damage abilities is due to their “healing while dpsing” mechanic with Atonement.

Holy has often been able to dish out “more” raw dps only because a Holy priest hard casting a nuke isn’t healing while a Disc priest is. Their nukes will always “count for more” when hard cast. You could technically play a Holy priest and only DPS but the rotation is god awful boring even with new talents.

There really is no “Holy” mage in WoW. Most anyone who wields the Light does so in a healing/protection type fashion with offensive being a secondary function.