Disappearing items

Hello everyone.
I’m very frustrated. I finally got some gear (rings) above item level 400. For me this is an accomplishment. My character item level, 395 and to say the least, I was very pleased. Yet within an hour both equipped rings simply disappeared. I checked the buy back, and item recovery. Nothing is there. I did not sell, disenchant, delete, or otherwise do anything that I can identify to cause the disappearance. One moment my character item level was 395 and the next 345 with both ring slots empty. I submitted a ticket in hopes that Blizzard can help, but I suspect they will simply give me some excuse that does not satisfy. Can anyone think of something that I have not tried? Is it to roll my character back to pre-24 February at 1:30PM to recover the missing items? I’m reaching out to the forum in hopes that someone out there has a solution. If not resolved, I will be left acquiring new replacements (not something that I’m eager to do).

Any luck with getting your rings back?