Disable Right Click Targeting

I know two commands to disable right mouse click targeting but the setting disappears whenever there is a patch or intermittent updates. Any know a way to disable right click targeting. It seems that there were addons and weakauras but they have not be updated in a long time.

I tried to look into AdvancedInterfaceOptions addon but couldn’t find it.

/run local f=CreateFrame(“button”,“mlook”)f:RegisterForClicks(“AnyDown”,“AnyUp”)f:SetScript(“OnClick”,function(s,b,d)if d then MouselookStart()else MouselookStop()end end)SecureStateDriverManager:RegisterEvent(“UPDATE_MOUSEOVER_UNIT”)

/run local f=CreateFrame(“frame”,nil,nil,“SecureHandlerStateTemplate”)RegisterStateDriver(f,“mov”,“[@mouseover,exists]1;0”)f:SetAttribute(“_onstate-mov”,“if newstate==1 then self:SetBindingClick(1,‘BUTTON2’,‘mlook’)else self:ClearBindings()end”)


Could take your 2 scripts, remove the /run and slap em into a WeakAura Custom Action

Or just use one of the old ones you’ve found. Just because they’re old doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t work.

I just don’t want to deal with errors. I have an older system and many of these cause memory leak or generate LUA errors.