Disable Group Finder and Queues During Active PVP

Everyone can still use group finder for its intended purpose.

NOBODY uses group finder during active PVP except to server hop.

These Mal’ganis and Illidan players are a bunch of cowards and hop on sight.

No way to report them since you cannot right-click on a player that is no longer there.


They’re not using group finder during active PvP, they’re taking a queue.

You can’t server hop mid PvP combat.


Then disable that too.

Nobody mid-fight decides to queue for anything if not to use the queue as a vanish.

This is low-hanging fruit, 1 string of code fix.

The argument for non-consensual PVP is over with Warmode, as ridiculous as it was back then, it is now VOID.

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No, but people before fights, especially DPS, queue for things like solo shuffle and do other things while they wait for 30+ minutes in queue.

Some people either tab out and wait in Valdrakken for their long queue and others do things like WPvP as they wait. Are you saying someone waiting 30+ minutes in a queue shouldn’t be allowed to do WPvP or they risk missing out on it?


In Warmode while in PVP combat all new queues disabled.

Also, all prior/existing custom LFG group queues are put on hold. These do not include randomized queues like Dungeons or Solo Shuffle.

Everything else is game, but sick Warden on player behavior during queues. It’s pretty obvious when you have players running around with multiple queues running in the back declining them all and requeuing only to accept it during PVP combat.

I have WPVPd on and off since Vanilla on multiple accounts and cannot recall having to ghost a player mid-WPVP battle to a queue, not once.

Blizzard isn’t going to train Warden to detect players taking queues, because at the end of the day, it’s not hurting you or anyone else by someone taking a queue in PvP combat.

You lose 6 honor, big whoop. One person avoided a death, oh no. :dracthyr_shrug:

If you really want to piss off the players doing that, just wait for them to come out of the queue and kill them. Doesn’t always work sometimes because of server phases/shards. That’s the real problem with War Mode imo.

Every zone shard I play in depopulates in opposing faction due to server hopping after a half hour rampage of death and destruction.

It’s so rampant I now right click and hit report to pop open the window before I attack. So that I can report the hop.

How active is the WPVP in your server Alphon? Do players fight back and group or just hop?

This isn’t entirely true. Shards depopulate over time because the game actively tries to balance shards and will sometimes randomly shard people who aren’t in PvP combat. It also tries to segregate AFK players out of active shards.

For example, let’s say you were in Ohn’ahran Plains and Sparks of Life weekly is for that zone. One of the active WPvP quests happens to be at the ducks. Your shard is active, lots of Horde and Alliance. People in your shard, on Horde and Alliance, start listing groups in LFG titled, “SPARKS FARM @ DUCKS”.

These players start inviting other players from other less populated shards (who have little to no players on them) so they can get their sparks quest done. At this point, your shard, which was already populated with players, is getting more and more populated. As more people finish their quest and leave the group they were once in, the game will actively start separating them back to their own shard or a different one. The same happens whenever someone leaves the zone temporarily; it’ll start sharding players around and in some rare instances will shard groups.

You can read more about sharding on this link.

I’d say it’s 50/50. My shards are either filled with Alliance or devoid of them. Whenever there’s no Alliance, I have to go into LFG and join someone’s group temporarily until I get into PvP combat to stay locked into the shard.

I shard hop to find players.

Glad I found this old gem.

Ran into you in-game some weeks ago on my then Blood DK.

Put you on KOS on Spy Addon, and learned your MO.

You fight close to a cliff, when it gets tight, you Goblin Glider into the water.

After swimming around at like 410% swim speed, if it get’s too tight again, you take the queue and server hop.

Every, single, time.

I don’t fight close to cliffs :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Atleast, not on purpose. I’ll run to one if I need to sure, but I usually fight out in the open and will use Darkmoon Cannon and Elemental Infused Rocket Helm to gain height and prepare for a glider.

Actually I take a wormhole, not an LFG queue. Fun fact, you can’t server hop in PvP combat and up to 20 seconds give or take after PvP combat.