Dirty Glinting Object

When the covenant has the Training quest active and we are training the specific trainee that will drop the Dirty Glinting Objects after a kill at 5 minute intervals for us to loot, it would be very nice if they dropped the loot where it can be LOOTED! In Ardenweald, Twinklewings often drops it where it cannot be targeted. In the Crumbled Ridge there are quite a few Encroaching Gorm corpses laying around I guess for decoration that do not de-spawn. If there is one near where the kill occurred Twinkelwings will drop it under the corpse, I thought I might be able to target it there, but it was not. It is almost as if she is programed to drop it under something because if I have droped Efflorescence during the fight and the effect is still up when the fight ends, she will drop it under the mushroom. Maybe she can be programmed to drop it under the corpse of the kill that qualified as a drop? Even though it usually de-spawns before the corpse, at least I believe it might be targetable there and I believe more people will realize sooner that there is actually a drop to loot. You might consider extending the timer for when it will despawn. One time she dropped it inside a tree trunk! I tried to remember exactly what it is called to /tar it, but all I could think of was Glint and Glinting, neither of which worked. The loot dropped from these objects is usually exceptionable; would you please give us a chance to find it and loot it when it drops?