Dire Maul Tribute Buffs


The Dire Maul Tribute Buffs can currently be stacked (not going to go into it). Is it intentional that these buffs can stack? This is for the exact same buff being applied multiple times, not multiple different buffs. Would it be considered an exploit to stack the buffs on yourself multiple times? This either needs to be fixed ASAP or a blue post indicating it is not an exploit ASAP. It is not difficult at all to do and requires not exploity type behavior. A normal player could easily do this unintentionally.

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That definitely sounds like a punishable offense, don’t go doing this guys. Remember the xp potion ban??


This was an existing bug in Vanilla that got patched in TBC.

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A hotfix was applied to all realms 30 minutes ago that squashed that bug. The buffs obtained from the guards in Dire Maul North after completing a tribute run will no longer stack.

Thank you for your feedback on it!

The game has changed

I noticed that the flurry axe drop rate seems quite low I might need one to get magic’d into my inventory :wink: j/k thanks mr. mod


Can we get some insight please into the perceived nerf’s regarding dm loot/gold farms. A lot of people believe it’s new, while others believe it was patched during vanilla. Just wanted to get a quick comment on if that’s true.


Dang I just wanted to see how much hp I could get!

Hopefully a prot warrior grabbed 32 or whatever the max amount of buffs is and popped last stand for a fun screenshot!


I did some math with 4k hp, I don’t know how much hp a tank has at 60, but it would end up being 304k hp


No changes!!! who remeber that guy who got 30 million HP cause he did the run a TON of time’s back in TBC


It’s not new…people are just having PS/Youtuber misinformation…


Its almost like you ignored what they said.