Dire Beast Models

I noticed that Dire Beast would summon a pet with the model of a beast with the same theme of the zone you’re in. However in the case of Shadowlands and Dragonflight zones, Dire Beast just summons the generic tiger and devilsaur.

I’m sure this is a simple oversight by Blizzard. I wish they’d update the ability.

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Well I think it is more than a ‘‘simple’’ oversight if they heavily ignored it through 2 expansions and even after the talent revamp. They should fix it asap or I think we’ll be looking at classic models of devilsaur, wolfs and tigers trough the entirety of the world soul saga too…

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You actually pay attention what does it summon?

Glyph of Dire Stables fixes this easily as it bothered me too seeing the same 3 classic beasts… now it spawns any one of my pets.