Diplomat x 10

IS it possible reputation can be shared between characters on a realm for like horde or alliance. I lost my account back in the day and I had diplomat as well as exalted almost everything. I don’t look forward to getting exalted for everyone of my horde characters. I can only dedicate so much time to play the game. Please help. Eventually I will have 10 level 60s! plus my fun alliance 10 lowbies!

Can this be true of COOKING and FISH as well please. I’m a projectionist I will eventually want to do cooking and fishing on everyone of my characters. TOO MUCH TIME.

Unfortunately, no, rep is per character not account wide. Same with professions. Some reps have BoA items that boost rep that you can send to other characters but that’s about all you get for catch up on alts for rep.

Yeah but it takes too long to do classic rep on all of your 24 alts. I want to be a game developer and help design the game but unfortunately I have game ideas but no programming,