Dig Into the Dragon Isles with the Azerothian Archives

Dig Into the Dragon Isles with the Azerothian Archives

Discover the history of the Dragon Isles and meet a unique cast of characters, hear stories of old, and witness the iconography of a time long past.

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While I wish this tied more into Archaeology, it looks neat.



That sounds… Unadventurous…


The article doesn’t list the pets you can get. :dracthyr_cry_animated:


This is cool new chill content! Now if I could swing around like Indiana while dodging boulders the dream would be complete.

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Good stuff. Looking forward to it!

How can you not be pumped to hunker down and do some research?

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Looks like one of those sites might interfere with my Breezebiter camping sessions, seeing as it’s right next to the cave where he spawns.

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I have been curious about that two-headed dragon skeleton since I first found it in the Span!

Bummer that there’s no sign of the Bakar mounts, though.


I’ve done research for my master’s degree.

The laboratory parts were very fun, but the “reading 109380239802398301 publications about superparamagnetic nanoparticles for the literature review part of my thesis” part was blergh.


Neither of those mounts are anything to write home about or text your mom and dad about. But they are free so I wasn’t expecting anything fancy and lovely. :frowning:

an hourly Public Event

Another one? :expressionless:


Diggah Tunnah is what we do
Life’s a tunnah we dig it through
Diggah Tunnah is what we sing
Diggah Tunnah is eveything

Mud & clay it’s a WoWcrafts friend
Always more around every bend
And when you get to your tunnahs end
Hallelujah - let’s dig again!

Gimme gimme that tmog omg! I was waiting YEARS for that mog (didn’t want to do raf) and now I get two colors.



Aw yeah, transmogs to collect.

fingers crossed you’re working on revitalizing Archaeology in one of the upcoming xpacs too!


I am super happy to see a recolor of the RAF transmog. I hope we see the blue version too.

Nope. Last deep dive, there will be no Archaeology going forward. They want to do things like this to “scratch that itch.”

You say dig into the archives but the rewards are a Jethro bird mount and a dollar store kodo.

Guess who likes to dig? Dogs. What are Bakar? Dogs. You already finished a bunch of Bakar mount models so let them loose already.

I imagine you’re going to carrot on a stick a Bakar mount in season 4 to get people to clear raids on normal like you did slime cat in shadow lands which is a shame since raiding is a dead out dated boomer game mode but at least give us a simpler Bakar mount path.


Ah yes, because I needed even more competition for Breezebiter kills since I still don’t have his mount after about 150 kills. Kind of a lame move to put a hub right at this spawn location.

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More story content albeit smaller scale but hey neat and some history lesson which is nice.

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Padgarre swings by

Dun dun dun duh, don duh don duh don!

There’s a small part of me going “ok, cool … but we had a perfectly fine archaeology minigame already”