Didn't Hearthstone Argus

Evening. I recently came back to WoW, and love the look of the new Allied Races. The Lightforged Draenei & Void Elves blue side have caught my eye, and I got the missions to go to Argus. I didn’t hearthstone though. I went back to Stormwind via Hearthstone, mostly to watch RP, and decided to go back to Argus the following day. Except now, I have no way of getting there it seems. I went through the net, looking for solutions, even going to the Exodar in hopes Velen had a teleporter back up there. No joy. And now I can’t find Khadgar anywhere in Dalaran or Stormwind. I did more research, renamed some files, downloaded new files, etc., still no luck. I’m almost at the point of paying someone to teleport me back to Argus. Anyone got any solutions?

Hey there! You were on the right track by heading back to Exodar, however the issue is that you’re most likely in the wrong phase by just traveling there. Talk to the NPC on the end of the dock that initially teleported you to exodar and have him teleport you back there again. IIRC this should clear up the issue for you and allow you to teleport back to the Vindicar via Velen. The link below shows where the NPC is. Let me know if that fixes it for you!

Vereesa is in the Violet Tower with some other NPC’s. I didn’t have any contacts when I got back to Stormwind City. I took the portal on the far left dock to Darkshore, which isn’t how I remember it, and used a nearby flight master to go to the Exodar. Still no beacon.

I’ve gotten through the Krokul Hovel, even gotten my butt handed to me by Xanarian. I’m just not sure what I’ve done wrong.

You’re porting yourself to the wrong Dalaran. Vereesa only appears in the Violet tower in the Northrend version of the city. :slight_smile:

There is no direct port to Legion dalaran from the SW portal room, so you can either use your dalaran hearthstone (the purple one) in your bags, or if you can’t find that, take the SW portal to Azsuna and then the flight path up to Dalaran from there.

If this is true, you’re past the point where the portal should be available to you.
Go check on the flight deck for the portal up to the Vindicar. You’ll know you’re in the right version of the city if the flight deck is crumbled on the outside edge. Northrend’s version is complete and intact.

If the portal is not showing, try a full UI reset, outlined below. If that doesn’t fix things, then the next step would be to submit a ticket in game. Hope this helps!

Fraggle Rock…I had the Dalaran Hearthstone the whole time…yep, time to get better glasses or a bigger screen, cuz I totally missed it.