Did you really just break another promise?

Can you at least follow and stay with Battlefield 2042’s story?

There’s your answer.

The biggest problem at Blizzard has been the devs having a too big to fail ego problem with pushing their ideas on the player base regardless of if the players enjoy the systems, lore, or gameplay.

“You think you do but you dont.”

“Dont you guys have phones?”

The community council doesn’t solve the problem of dev’s not caring what the player base has to say. It does no good to give somebody a bullhorn if the person theyre trying to talk to puts in earplugs.


they were right about the first one.

and technically the second one also.

player ego is at an all-time high after being fed for the past two decades.

By all means, name ONE piece of WoW content players have exclusively designed.

Player ego is not unfounded, it’s called being a paying customer.

Only Blizzard could possibly be so dense as to think a paying customer does not deserve a voice into the company’s product. Which, as a marketed MMORPG, the RPG still hasn’t been officially dropped, requires it be payer, and therefore player, rewarding, to be in.


play the game.
unlock things.
not hard


I could re-post what they said they would do - back on August 27, 2021. I did that in another thread.

For the record, they said they would listen, collaborate, and ask what would get in the way of fun, and what were the most impactful changes they could make in WoW to change that.

That hasn’t happened.

Even with the “fix” to require only “elite” and not “gladiator” per wowhead, it’s still a gap.

On the bright side, the PVP thread in the CC got an update saying so. I agree with the post following from the CC member though…

WoW Community Council 60 Orc Monk 22755


Any thoughts on lowering the requirements as elite is pretty high for an average player? Currently the elite rank being the requirement will seem to just increase the gear disparity between the top players and literally everyone else seems like a rich getting richer type deal.

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a bit of a random request. i don’t want to go off-topic.

LOL! Blocked.

I would read the hidden post, but considering the source…nah.

OP went full emo.

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Every accusation is a confession, gr incel


Ohoho, I do find this quite delicious coming from the recognised WoW classic troll, lel. You funny my guy :laughing:


Sweet little lies…they are a big fans of Todd Howard.

I collect tabards like most collect battle pets, so getting my second Legendary is going to be a snooze.

I feel the same. If there are dailies or alternative straightforward means of gaining rep that’s fine.

If it’s a Korthia clone designed to waste your time to the utmost degree by running around the zone constantly (with multiple addons required) just to rng enough rep to make barely noticeable progress I will probably quit the game.

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Says the person who claims players are bad and are being carried if a healer does any dps in group content. :roll_eyes:

Their calculation of 28 days also includes you doing all of the Cypher stuff but without the rng 100 rep rewards.

And the difference between using the Cypher & not are around 2-3 Weeks of getting revered alone based on how lucky you get with rep rng rewards.

And the Cypher has a DRASTIC impact on that time!

  1. 50% more World Quests ( 225 Rep a day )
  2. 2 daily quests after unlocking Aelic Understanding (18h research time)
  3. 2 additional daily quests after researching Altonian Understanding, which requires Aealic Understanding researched and takes 6 days and 18 hours to finish, so only available starting week two on top of that

And all of these COMPLETELY EXCLUSIVE Daily’s can RNG you an additional 4x100 Rep EVERY SINGLE DAY

As a comparison, the WEEKLY quest grants you just 250 Rep

This comes down to 2-3 WEEKS of difference between people that engage with the Cypher & the ones who don’t.

This is an ABSURD difference for something that was labeled as

“if you are a person who’s only interested in raiding, you can completely ignore this system and you won’t miss out on ANY player power of ANY kind, this is JUST something for people who are really excited about the secrets and the things that the new zone has”.

You can’t with a straight face say that 2-3 week’s of getting your second legendary ( ACC wide) isn’t an insane amount of player power, especially for Raiders but also PvP and M+ and not just for people who enjoy the content itself.

As the full quote says, the system was described as a cool neat system to help you in the new zone and explore the lore etc while pressing the point that there is no playerpower behind it, but week’s of difference in getting something that massive are just an insult.

This also mean’s that the World-First race will 99,9% be done without the second legendary, as you will get it in week 4-5.

Does the absurd difference in time make it practically mandatory for PvP, Raid and M+?

Very very disappointing

People are just burned out by the WoW grind philosophy I guess.

I can, all 4 of my covenant legendaries are bad.

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I’ll be honest, I’m confused. Why should it be any different? I am asking this seriously. In each expansion and tier we have had to grind and earn stuff from the new content added in each patch. Rep, Items, dungeons etc. I will be honest, I am not a fan of the mix maxing style of this type of grind i.e. second legendary which you will get insta kicked if you don’t grind for and conduits which are also mandatory. I want fewer small things I have to work towards and have it be more like the old days where I grinded rep/raid and the small things were for fun like mounts.